Phase 2

The day is finally here! In a couple of hours I am jumping in the car to drive to Colorado Springs to see my honey. And then, our happily-ever-after-Phase-2 can begin!! Being with Connor has been a happily ever after from the beginning, but to finally say goodbye to skype and bad cell phone reception is going to kick the “happily” into high gear. I am ecstatic! God is so good and I am so ready!

The only thing is…I don’t have a GPS. Just a good old Google Map print-out. But with my killer sense of direction, I’m sure there won’t be any problems…but…maybe you should pray anyways huh? =P

See you on the other side!!


Lifted Up

It has been a busy week! I can’t believe it’s Thursday!….Although at the same time, I can’t believe we still have 58 days/8 weeks until Connor and I finally become husband and wife. Time is the frustrating paradox of my life right now. I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do concerning my wedding to-do list…which my Mother and I concocted in the car on our errand runs on day:

And yet the days move by slowly! That Connor boy has messed me up. Last night I was reading The Excellent Wife and came across this verse and it has really lifted me up today:

He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds…Great is our Lord, and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite. (Psalm 147:3,5)

I want to put 15 exclamation points after that! How awesome! Not only has Christ been our strength during this terrible long distance but He will forever be our time-wasted-heart’s healer! I have tried to always go to God for strength and lasting power while I’m away from Connor but I’m not always successful and as a result I have a heart full of nicks and bruises. I MISS Connor in ways I don’t understand and that go so deep in my soul. But God is faithful! And He is waiting to heal my brokenheart and bind my wounds!! He knows exactly. EXACTLY. what purpose long-distance will serve for Connor and I. I, for one, know that I have fallen deeper in love with Christ and with Connor because of it. And (at this moment) I can praise God for long distance!! God is faithful and good. There is no need for fear or loss of hope. I know my Father will carry us through!

Now I’m off to work! Yay for burger flipping!!

One last long haul

Somehow, I have completed four years at Pepperdine University, walked across a stage, and obtained a diploma. Whaa?

This means that, yes, I FINALLY completed my thesis, washed my hands of it, and turned it in! Thank you God! It also means that I took my last final, cleaned our apartment’s refrigerator, said goodbye to so many dear friends, magically packed (which is always the most stressful part of the year for me) my clothes in two suitcases which flew home with me and my stuff into my grandparents van for me to pick up after Connor and I’s wedding, and celebrated graduation with my future husband and my amazing family that drove/flew in. SO many things happened in quick succession that I’m not entirely sure where I am at the moment. But I do know that I am thankful for my time at Pepperdine, that Connor and I said our last airport goodbye yesterday, and that God has purpose for this last long-distance time. I’m ready!!! God has been speaking to me a lot about honoring him with everything, and especially with my emotions. I have to submit everything to God, including all my frustration that I can’t be with my Fiance everyday, my sadness that during the graduation chaos I didn’t get to say goodbye to some of my best friends, and my excitement for marriage. I have let these circumstantial emotions affect my joy in Christ. My joy in Christ and His love should not be bound by my material settings but transcendent and ever strong.

Find rest, O my Soul, in God alone;

my hope comes from him.

He alone is my rock and my salvation;

he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.

My salvation and my honor depend on God;

he is my mighty rock, my refuge.

Trust in him at all times, O people;

pour out your hearts to him,

for God is our refuge.

Psalm  62:5-8

I am so thankful God is here and He has been my strength and my protector while I was away at college. I pray that as Connor and I enter into the next stage of our waiting process that He continues to be our strength and our discernment. Connor and I both know that anything we commit to the Lord will succeed and glorify Him. Knowing this, and knowing the good and faithful nature of our God, we are so eager to continually lay our relationship at His feet and ask for His perfect guidance. God is so good. =)

Here are some pictures from the last week:

A celebratory picture after a celebratory lunch after turning our thesis’s in. =)

I love my family! We took a quick trip to the beach Saturday after graduation:

We were doing our “ab flexing faces.” Apparently everyone else missed the memo.

we took a bajillion pictures, only one of which has both of us off the ground, but this one is my personal favorite jumping picture. It’s just too awesomely awkward not to share. heh:

God willing, the goodbye we said after this trip will be our last. We are so ready for no more goodbyes.

So now, three days after graduation, I’m sitting in Wagner, SD, on my families couch, watching basketball with my family, and missing my man. He’s currently sitting in my aunt and uncles living room in Colorado Springs, CO and talking to my uncle about the fort they are going to build in their backyard. And of course we’re texting – trying to stay in contact as much as we can because we are each other’s other half. While we need to be physically long distance a little bit longer so that I can spend time with my family and he can bring home the bacon, we are never far from each other in heart and mind. God is faithful. The end of this season is in sight! So let’s power through these last 67 days!!

Oh, and since you were probably wondering, YES I am wearing my super cute romper (that I talked about in my last post) in some of these pictures.

broken power chargers = good work ethic

Look at me! Posting for SECOND time! Bravo old girl.

Today I got SO much done! It’s because my computer charger broke and Dell sent me the wrong replacement charger and I now find myself forced to do my work in the library (they have extra chargers). I NEVER do work in the library. It’s too…committed. When one goes to the library, one COMMITS to work. I’m more of a I’m-gonna-do-it-when-and-between-and…..and then somehow, it gets done.

My thesis has met a new kind of animal the last couple days as a result of the work ethic that apparently descends upon all who enter into the realms of the library. 2/3rds of it down and only 1/3rd of it to go, and I am ecstatic! After I finished a smaller paper for another class today, I rewarded my efforts with a few hou…MINUTES of blog surfing. I ADORE wedding/interior design blogs!!

Today I fell in love with this Beautiful sitting room–

image via

This twisted bun makes me giddy! it’s soft, feminine, and perfect —

Image via Kiss the Groom

This sweet doily, vintage blue mason jar, and soft votive lighting is better than the cherry pie I just ate!

Image via

Okay..That’s all. I like blogging! It’s like I have a friend to share all my favorite internet things with!! Hehe. Much Love.

Attempt #3

I have loved the idea of having a blog ever since I first heard about them. I have even tried at least 2 times (that I can remember) to keep a blog going. This one though, will last. It has a purpose.

The absolute LOVE of my life asked me to marry him 9 months ago. =) I have never been happier!! In a little over 3 months I get to walk down an aisle with him waiting for me at the end ANDTHENWEGETTOFINALLYSTARTOURLIVEASTOGETHERRRRRR!!!!

But first. I have to graduate with my bachelors degree at the end of April and my honey has to move to Colorado and start his job out there. And, most painfully, we have to remain long-distance until a week before our wedding. Not that that’s new — we’ve been long distance for our entire 1 year and 9 month relationship — but it hasn’t gotten any easier. God and graham crackers (dipped in milk! Judge me, if you dare, but you had better try it first.) have gotten me through so far and I’m counting on them to get me to the end.

Anyways, this blog is for my family and friends. Updates and such. Graduating from college and moving somewhere new is going to be a considerable change and this is a wonderful way to keep in contact!!