Thank God for Vacations

If you follow me on instagram, you  know Noah and I have spent  the last two weeks in California (and if you don’t follow me, let’s definitely change that! :) Follow me @ kathrynboyce12 ) . We were at church camp for one week (the same camp my husband and I met at, so it was super sad not to have him with us this year. But still such a blessing to be able to go and fellowship.) and the other week was spent at my grandmother’s house.

Overall, it was so relaxing and wonderful and filling.

It was also quite exhausting to be 34 weeks pregnant and single parenting a one-year-old who has turned into a vey strong-willed toddler overnight. A couple weeks ago, I took him to the pediatrician and asked about how opinionated he had become and the frequency of the fits he threw (and by fits I do mean throwing himself on the ground and kicking his feet or tensing all his muscles until his whole little body is stiff as a board. All while screaming, of course.). Her response was that, for some, the toddler (or “terrible two”) stage, begins right after their first birthday. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. ;)

But that’s parenting. And I do not see dealing with Noah as a burden in anyway. I am so grateful for his spirit and his eagerness. I view it as my privilege to shape those passionate fits into appropriate purpose. I can already tell I have a driven young boy on my hands. I want him to grow up to be driven by all things rights and good. What an incredible blessing to have a passionate vessel to pour God’s wisdom into. I can’t wait to see what this little man will do with his life. I am so glad to be a part of it.

Here are a few precious moments from our much-needed vacation:






A very special part of our trip was a couple of hours spent with Connor’s grandmother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago. “Mama Jo” is the sweetest and wisest woman I have ever met. Her condition has gotten to the point where she needs to have specialized care from a home. My mother-in-law took us to the home and we spent the afternoon soaking up Mama Jo’s peaceful presence and trying to get Noah to sit still long enough for a picture. We didn’t really succeed, but it was priceless, nonetheless. <3



On our roadtrip home (two days of driving – eeek!) We stopped at McDonalds to give Noah a chance to stretch his legs in the play place. My sister graciously volunteered to chaperone him (since you better believe my big ol belly wasn’t going in there!). Don’t let her face fool you – she totally loved it. ;)


The day after we returned home,  Noah actually snuggled with me on the coach while I was taking one of my pregnant breaks. Jake and the Neverland Pirate was on TV and Noah climbed up onto my legs and laid his head down like this for a good 20 minutes. Be still my heart. I love that boy.



South Dakota Sinuses and 25

First of all…this kid. He’s ticklish on his neck. It is the BEST.


I forgot what March is like in South Dakota. It is the fourth of July finale of pollen (and then some).

I was so proud of myself for going on a walk Thursday afternoon. Yay fitness! The weather was gorgeous, little flowers were poking out of the ground, and the frigid cold that hasn’t given us a break since like October was a distant memory.

Friday morning, I opened my eyes to a whole new world. I could barely open my eyes, I was naseaous, and my head felt like a bowl full of pudding mixed with concrete. La-de-da.

I finally crawled out of bed at 9am. I was supposed to have been at work by 8. Blech. When I did finally get my head stable enough to drive I slowly made my way to work. Once there I realized it was a biiig mistake. The lights were too bright, my chair was too spin-happy, and don’t even get me started on the computer screen. I made the choice to go home after a lady came in and asked if I could “….smorgsmorgblahborbsmorg…” My lip trembled and I said, “next window please” and started to cry.

Maybe that’s not totally accurate. But mostly. :)

Anyways, Friday was also my birthday. So after finding out I had sent myself home from work, my husband went and picked up a bowl of soup from Subway and brought it straight to me. How sweet is he? That took all of his lunch break. I don’t think he even ate lunch. :/ I love him so much.


Sleep and quiet family time was on the agenda for the remainder of the day. Hello, 25.