Simple Christmas Wrapping

I am so excited to share this post with you! I love feeling on top of my domestic duties. It (sadly) hardly ever happens that I live up to my standards, domestically-speaking, but I had some (GASP) extra time this evening while my little buddy was eating playing with his books on our bed.

This afternoon, on my lunch break, I stopped into my local drug store and bought a roll of all-purpose mail packaging and a spool of magenta yarn.

Look at the result!

photo (1)

It was so easy and simple! The “wrapping” paper was $1.99 and there was WAY more of it than a typical themed wrapping paper.  I am going to be able to wrap all my presents (12) with one roll!

photo 2

That adorable green label? That’s from the downloadable free gift labels I told you about in  THIS blog post. I used green cardstock and printed the sheet out on my home printer.


Does it get much cuter? Probably. But I am so proud to actually have presents wrapped before Christmas Eve this year that I couldn’t care less! ;)

Taking the extra time to appreciate people with presents, cards and little notes is ALWAYS worth it. In my life, this is the first time I have ever had all my Christmas presents ready to go in an appropriate time frame. This coming year, I am going to make a conscious effort to be better at doing presents and cards. I am hoping that writing down all those important dates in my AAA-mazing The Simplified Life Planner (which I just ordered thanks to a last minute sale!) will help me stay on top of it.

Also, this is what bubba and I think of 3:30 in the morning. Why did we wake up again? ;)

photo 3


Adorable Free Printable Gift Labels!

Being the keeper of my home – I should be on top of EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.


I am “on top of” almost nothing, most of the time.

But today! TODAY, my friends, I am completely owning one big thing – Christmas gifts.

Yes, all of my presents are bought, wrapped, addressed and….well, almost addressed…and maybe wrapped is a strong term, since they’re technically sitting next to the wrapping paper. But they ARE bought. So there.

Anyway, I was browsing Pinterest for some cutesy wrapping ideas and found these free printable gift labels…

HEYLOOK's sweet and simple label tags

HEYLOOK’s sweet and simple label tags

And I fell absolutely in love with them. Go HERE to download your own set!! My favorite thing about them is that I don’t have to use color ink, but can incorporate color in the paper I print them off on. I plan on using red and forest green card stock.

So I had to share. :) I hope you enjoy them!! I know I will. …Once I get around to actually wrapping and addressing my gifts.

By the way, have you seen this cutie lately? He’s killing me.

He loves being thrown up in the air or swung down to the ground. Faaavorite activity. Mommy’s too. {5 months 2 weeks}