Three Year Run

Charlie is paranoid of bugs. He thinks he sees them everywhere. Which results in a lot of pouncing on nothing. And running quickly back and forth chasing the “offender”. Every once in awhile he actually gets one, which makes me happy. It’s a perfect set up – he stays occupied for a good part of the day and I get a bug-free household!

After long talks and lots of prayer, we have set up a 3 year plan for our little family.

YEAR ONE: I get to start teaching first grade! :) Connor will continue working full time at Dicks, potentially moving up in the sporting goods world. GOAL: Live below our means. Our purpose in this is to begin making huge payments on our (actually, it’s mostly mine) student loans, while at the same time building our savings account (for future babieees!). Our biggest challenge in this will be to stay within our food budget. We love food a shameful lot. Meal planning, coupon clipping, and monitored restaurant outings are in our future.

YEAR TWO: Continue work schedules of year one. Our lease will be up so we will begin looking on either a cheaper apartment for the next year or an affordable house, depending on how much we’ve been able to save in year one.

YEAR THREE: Sometime during year 3, we will have our student loans paid off in their entirety. BOOM! …I hate waiting. In this case, however, I think it is entirely worth it. If we have been in an apartment up until this point, our next step is to finally get that pretty little house with a pretty little yard.

Connor and I do not want a life dictated by where spent money years ago. We want to be able to always move forward and look forward, together serving Christ.

“… since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1

Side note: I found this darling blog via pinterest today:



Tonight, Connor and I finally paid off our credit card!! This is a huge milestone for us because we have felt budget defeated as of late. We felt a little better after deciding to do the meal planning but now, after realizing one of the major goals we set for ourselves when we got married (paying this credit card off), we feel so thankful and blessed to be in this position. God provides! We tried to take excited pictures but ended up looking like psychos in all of them because it’s 9pm…and we are usually in bed right about now. We’re on a tight sleeping schedule. We have been going to bed earlier and earlier and downright reveling in it. Yes, we know our sleep schedule is not age appropriate…and we have come to accept that. With joy.  In celebration of both our credit card demolition and sleep schedule here is a picture of how our sweet Charlie boy spent his evening. =)

today today…

This Saturday is, I believe, the first Saturday in a month that have been able to stay at home and rest. Connor and I have been so helter-skelter busy during February and today could not be more important and cherished. We decided early this week that neither of us were allowed to make plans to do ANYTHING! Thankfully, we made it through the week unscathed.

So what will we do on our lovely day together? Excellent question.  Here’s my hypothesis:

-Kathryn will wake up, have coffee and toaster strudels, browse pinterest for home decoration ideas

-Connor will wake up, have chai tea and toaster strudels, and hug his wife who’s been up for a few hours due to her incorrigible internal alarm clock

-They will watch a couple of episodes of Phineas and Ferb (not ashamed)

-Watch Charlie run around the house with the zoomies

-Take Charlie on a hike/walk/something

-Think about lunch

-Clean our office out

-Have…maybe some pita bread, hummus, baby carrots, celery and ranch dressing

-Play with Charlie

-Fold all the clean laundry that my wonderful husband washed yesterday

-Put some time into re-decorating the living/dining area? (We still haven’t unpacked boxes from last month when our house had a water leak and we had to have all the floors ripped out.)

-Have a Delicious Dinner that I haven’t though of yet..but will soon. I want to have a pseudo “Chopped” competition with my husband. How fun would that be? Please note though, that in our version of the TV show, recipes will be allowed and smiled upon.

-Watch Cowboys and Aliens

-Sleep, sleep, sleep =)

This would be the ideal day. The perfection lying in the fact that Connor and I finally get to be together all day. =)

Oh!! Here are updated pictures of the most spoiled dog in the world! =)

Family of three

Meet Charlie. The newest, most adorable member of our family. He is a 10 week old rescue puppy.

After wanting a puppy for months, Connor and I happened upon this website: on Friday night. Their puppies were adorable, affordable, and adoptable!  They had a ton of  puppies but Charlie was clearly the cutest. They think he is a great dane/mastiff mix with a little greater swiss mountain dog in him. Whatever he is, he’s big and irresistible. We were ecstatic to find out that he would be going up for adoption the next day at Petco in Denver! Turns out, this resuce group works on a first come, first served basis. So Connor and I woke up at 6:30 and sped went the speed limit up to Denver. When we got there at 8:20ish (Petco opens at 9) there were already three people standing in line! The adoption wasn’t even going to happen until 11! I had thought leaving as early as we did was overdoing it, but clearly, it wasn’t since about 10 more people showed up right after us. Luckily, we were the first one’s there who wanted to see Charlie. =)

When we finally got to play with him in a little puppy pen, we knew right away that he needed to be a member of our family. Shy and cuddly, this little guy is here to stay.

Also, I am extremely proud to say that he slept all the way through the night just curled up at our feet last night! No accidents. =) Go Charlie!