A Mommy App: A Review

I have a neat new app to share with you today: A Mommy App, created by a husband and wife team. It is currently available for both the Iphone and Android.

Photo Sep 27, 10 25 30 AM

The app has so many features! I love them all. It includes features for:

My Kids – Here, you create an individualized page for each of your kids. You can keep track of important milestones, appointments and other things that make them who they are. I’ve been using it to keep track of Micah’s first smile, etc. Hopefully I cant document him sleeping through the night soon! There are also fun characters and objects to choose from.
Mommy Quiz– A fun quiz to test your mommy knowledge. I didn’t do very well. ;)
My Pregnancy– This serves as a place to keep track of details during your pregnancy. There is even a quiz, based on old wives tales, that will “predict” whether you’re having a girl or boy. Unfortunately, the app came out after I had Micah, otherwise, I would have been all over this feature!
Stress Relief – This is definitely my favorite feature. You can choose your favorite “white noise” and relax. There is an option for flames, waves, forest, storm, and rain. Since Micah is still sleeping in our room next to our bed, I find myself using the waves option all the time when I am trying to soothe him to sleep. The extra background noise always helps.
5 minutes for Mommy– This feature includes simple games that will occupy even the squirreliest toddler for a few minutes at least. I’ve used the “bubbles” game more than once with Noah while we’re waiting on something. You just pop the bubbles as they come on the screen. Genius.
So, go ahead, download A Mommy App from the App store, and enjoy some relaxing music and a place to keep track of all those important little things our kids do.
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