When they won’t. stop. crying.


We were 15 minutes into our drive home and my two boys were in the middle of an “I’m more upset AND I’m louder” battle with no end in sight. With 15 more minutes of our ride to go, I juuuust about lost it.

In these kinds of brain rattling situations I always find myself in prayer. Prayers of desperation, usually. “Pleeeease let them stop crying. Bring their little bodies peace and healing. Give me strength to act appropriately and patience.” Repeat, repeat, repeat.

That particular day, in the middle of repeating this prayer for the 6th time, I realized that these moments of mommy desperation that bring me to my knees more often than any other moment, are opportunities to cover Micah and Noah in life-bringing prayers. Prayers for their future, their souls, their strengths and weaknesses. If I can just be aware of those moments when I feel overwhelmed and then switch my focus to things that matter in Christ’s kingdom, I can intercede spiritually on my children’s behalf  and ask Christ to bless them with the love and protection that is only available through him. That simple change of perspective has also helped me treat my children with the respect and love they deserve in those moments, which is so much better for them then the dying fumes of a mother overwhelmed.

Rather than focusing on what is temporary, shouldn’t we spend our time focusing on “kingdom” things? Things that are REAL and LASTING? When kids won’t stop crying, when dinner is terrible (again), when you run out of money for the month, when things just stink….it is so easy to pray. And you should pray. But choose your words and focus carefully, if you can. Prayer is powerful and we should be careful where we spend the majority of our time in it.

It is embarrassing that I have lifted “moments” up to Christ more often than I have lifted my precious children’s salvation. But that is about to change!


2 thoughts on “When they won’t. stop. crying.

  1. Thank you for linking up with Susannah and I!!!

    I really enjoyed reading over your post! I do not have children of my own, but I have been an “other mother” to quite a few kids over the years…Your words rang so true! I love that your first instinct is to prayer, thank the Lord for that! And just think, every time your children cry and you find yourself in prayer, it may be a time to thank God for the reminder to pray! You know?

    Your perspective on WHAT to pray was also helpful. I am guilty of allowing my prayer life to be a bit fickle. It’s so foolish. We are talking to the God of ALL who is at this moment sustaining everything everywhere.

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