Joy and Thankfulness

I know I should have that birth story up by now. But. You know. Something about a toddler and a baby. It’ll show up here eventually. Promise. ;)

I miss blogging regularly. So I’m dropping in to give you a “life currently” post.

I was way cocky before having Micah. I thought I could handle two kids, no problem. WRONG. Currently, I have been unable to….

Since writing that last half-sentence I have changed three diapers, been thrown up on, spit up on (yes, there is a difference), peed on, intercepted a meltdown via a nap, and nursed Micah. So I imagine you get the idea of where I was headed before the interruption.

I so was not prepared for this new phase of motherhood.

I can tell you though, that there is an ever-growing joy and thankfulness in this kind of all-out exhausting effort of love. Thankfulness for help from family,  joy of new-ness.

And that is all I have time for this morning. Joy and thankfulness.


One thought on “Joy and Thankfulness

  1. I LOVE your honesty!! And the simplicity of this post is perfect and yet it says so much about what your are going through in this new phase of your life. Hope you and the little guys have a great Monday xo

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