Please Help!!!!

Hey guys!!! What do you think of the updates around here? Thumbs up or down? Please let me know!

Below is a form for you to submit (if you want) so that I can make sure this site is as functional and enjoyable as possible. Please let me know any posts you would like to see (or wouldn’t like to see), any page updates that need to be done, or just say hi! I would so appreciate your input and help.

Thank you thank you thank you in advance!!!!! Oh, and it is an anonymous form so feel free to be honest! :)


One thought on “Please Help!!!!

  1. Kathryn, I love reading your postings. You write in an interesting way and express your feelings well. You are a writer b@ Excellent English major from Pepperdine ! Your little guy is so precious and I allllllll boy for sure.
    I was happy for your blog cuz I didn’t know where you were living and now know you are back in the Springs. Are you back teaching? I can’t imagine back working with a two yr old and a bun iin the oven. I like the name Micah.
    You are looking good…sound happy…..and managing well.
    Think of you often and look forward to your writings.
    How do you find time to write or do anything with Noah and now a new baby soon to enter the family?
    jean wedell
    (Casey’s grama)

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