On the mend and all the laundry

Finally. FINALLY. Things are starting to freshen up around here. Noah is feeling dandy and his molars broke through. Hallelujah! Connor is still sick with the throat plague or something (the urgent care doctor we took him to wasn’t too concerned about actually diagnosing him, he just threw some antibiotics our way for Connor to take “if we think he needs it.” Say whaaa?) But, he is (hopefully) over the peak and on his way to health.

So, after being stuck in my house since last Wednesday, leaving only for emergency ibuprofen or milk runs, I am SO excited to be back to a normal routine. And normal housework. Funny how even though I’ve been home this whole time, all the things like laundry, vacuuming, and general cleaning have fallen on the wayside. I’ve had other things on my mind. ;)

My only goal today: deep-clean my house from top to bottom. We have a fresh new baby coming and I can’t bear the thought of having any sickness hanging around once he gets here. And if I accomplish that…then I would like to make some homemade bread (hah.). But really.

Oh and look for a bumpdate next week!! We’ll be 38 weeks and I will actually have my hospital bags packed by then. Until then: a little bathroom selfie with the big brother…



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