In All Things



I’ve been throwing myself a little pity party this week. Sticking to a budget is hard, especially when you want to go through a drive-thru a get a big fizzy soda, but it’s not “in the budget.” Or when you realize you can’t afford to replace your iphone5, which was the reason you have so many precious good-quality photos of your son’s first year of life.

And while running errands yesterday I had a moment of clarity when I was overwhelmed with thankfulness. Right now – I get to watch my son FULL TIME. I am blessed with the time to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my little family. I am so loved by my husband that he would work 10 hour days to provide for us. How can I allow myself to be cranky when this is my reality? Ugh. bad job, Kathryn.

So I figured this was an incredibly appropriate time to do a “What I’m thankful for” post. :) To remind me.

I’m thankful because…

1. Connor, Noah, and Micah are healthy

2. Micah is ALMOST HERE!!!!

3. Our townhome does NOT have creaky floors. Isn’t it the worst when you’re walking by your baby’s room and it takes you ten minutes because you have to tip toe and hit just the right spots so a giant CREAK doesn’t wake them up? Yeah. So happy we have solid floors now.

4. Our laundry facilities are on our main floor.

5. We live in a quiet complex. No noisy college kids or party animals. I am so thankful for this.

6. Tonight is pizza night.

7. Cooking is getting a little easier. A little.

8. Noah loves people. He is such a social little stinker. <3

9. I have not had any complications with this pregnancy. What a blessing.

10. No one is allergic to candles in our house so I can burn them as much as I want to.

11. Fall is almost here.

12. Noah takes two naps a day. Hallelujah.

13. After I fold the load of laundry that’s in the dryer right now, I will be completely caught up! Until tomorrow…lol

14. My husband is an amazing musician. AMAZING. He has the most incredible an unique voice. And I get to hear it anytime I want. :)

15. Connor and I can have free babysitting almost any time we need it, thanks to my aunts.

16. I can still paint my toenails, even at almost 36 weeks pregnant. Holla!

17. Did I mention tonight was pizza night?





9 thoughts on “In All Things

  1. Hi. Now I want Pizza haha Ahh you should come do my laundry from vacation, it’s the worst :-)
    Have you ever posted videos of your hubby singing…I’d love to hear!!


    • I’d love to do your laundry, Laura. ;) I actually have a mild obsession with it right now…driven by the fact that my pregnancy craving is laundry soap. NO – I have not eaten it yet…but the smell just kills me (in a good way lol)! I haven’t posted a video…I probably should. Thanks!! :)

  2. I LOLed at 13 and 16 :) Its good to remember to be thankful for what we have at times rather than focusing on what we wish we had >.< Thanks for the reminder!

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