Distance and New Beginnings

Sometimes, life is chaos.


Actually, most times, life is chaos.

Not that it’s a bad thing. How else would I learn to depend on a greater plan and a more perfect organization?

Since last week, my hubby has been in Colorado. He started his new job and LOVES it.

We have not found a place to live yet so he’s staying with relatives. God provides. :)

I miss him like crazy. Noah misses him like crazy. Whenever we facetime, Noah gets a little panicky because he can’t figure out why Daddy is there, but not really there. But Connor always gets him to giggle. It both breaks and warms my heart.


We should be joining him in the middle of June sometime. Until then, I am going to soak up this time with my son and my family. Leaving my parents and sister in South Dakota will be HARD.

If blog posts in the next few weeks are sparse, this is why. The time I have now with my family is precious, as is the time I will have with my husband when we are together again.  Thank you for being patient with me, friends. I will, however, try to get a bumpdate up by the end of the week. :)


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