It’s a…… {gender reveal}

The Boyce’s are having……



Dirt and trucks for life, ya’ll! I am SO uncontrollably excited to welcome another precious little boy into our family. I had a dream awhile back that Connor and I were going to have five boys. That dream is one of the only ones I have ever been able to remember past 8 a.m. that morning. So…um…that is all I have to say about that, except that I LOVE my boys!

Naming Noah Taylor was a snap. We saw him on our first ultrasound and it was like God breathed his name into both our minds. Noah, because it means rest. We found rest and purpose in Noah’s existence. And because we wanted Noah to be named after a righteous man that he could look up to. Taylor (his middle name) comes from Connor’s brother, another man we want Noah to look up to and learn from as he gets older.

Naming our second little boy was not as easy. We were both so shocked it was a boy that we took a day to think and talk about his name. The name that ended up floating to the surface for both of us though, was a name we had briefly considered for Noah.
Micah Nolan.
MAN I just love that name. SO. MUCH. Micah means “who is like the Lord.” (We’re going to call him Mick for short.) Connor’s grandfather, Nolan, passed away almost two years ago. He was an absolute inspiration in his faith and the way he nurtured his family. We can’t wait to tell Micah Nolan about him.



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