Five on Friday!


My baby is finally getting better! After two weeks of snot, coughs, and little sleep he is finally on the mend. The ONLY thing I will miss about him being sick is how cuddly he’s been.  <3




Connor was offered a job in Colorado Springs. WHAAA? Yes. Doing finished carpentry with a man from the church we attended while living there before. We are so excited about this opportunity but not sure what that means about our near future. No matter how crazy, scary and complicated things may get though, we’ve got each other. <3



Physician’s Formula make up makes me so happy. Their tinted moisturizer, blush, and bronzer make my life a better place to be.



warmweatherwarmweatherwarmweather! I cannot get enough of this 70 degree business. Winter overstayed it’s welcome in a BIG way this year. Some ridiculously incompetent meteorologist on the weather channel said it would be down to the 40’s this weekend and possible snow on Sunday evening. Can you BELIEVE that guy?!?

Currently, this is Noah Taylor’s favorite way to take in the warm weather while on a walk. Eyes on the ground the whole time.



This awesome, awesome, AWESOME blog button was created for me by Caitlin at Celebrate Today. Um. I am so in love with her blog and my new button. SO in love!!! This girl is incredible. She is working on opening her own graphic design business and I am so excited for her! Check her fabulous blog out. She also sells adorable prints on Etsy . One of which I bought and have hanging in Connor and I’s bedroom. Love.

The Grace-filled home



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