weekend photo recap

This past week and weekend have been absolutely wonderful. Our little family is finally shaking off all the colds that have been keeping us down. I am so thankful that when I sneak into the nursery at night I can hear Noah breathing comfortably through his nose. Hallelujah!! We had so much fun around here that it would take me much to long to write it out – so here is a phone dump. :)





Food, family, games, and fun. <3 This last picture is a pretty important one. I will explain it more later this week. But basically, Connor and I had some time to sit down together with my father one Saturday and do a “decision analysis” session (something my dad does professionally) to help us make sure we were making the right decisions now for where we want to be in five, ten years, etc. The most important part of the morning was being able to define the family objective listed above. It is Connor and I’s ultimate desire and goal to provide a home, food, transportation, and clothing to our family in a low stress environment, while allowing for family travel, savings, and the ability to move forward financially. Whew! I don’t k now if that reads as incredible as it sounds to me. If Connor and I can build our life choices around that goal…what an AMAZING life we will have. Any ways, more on that later.


I hope you had a great weekend! :)


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