A random evening in our house

Hey friends. Instead of writing a great post for you last night, I spent time some unexpected quality time with my hubby. And it was so wonderful that blogging went right out the window. And I don’t feel bad about it. :)

We didn’t do anything special. Connor actually spent the better part of his evening at AWANA ( a program for children at our church), where we generally help out every Wednesday. He leads games and the kids looove him. :) I am usually in the nursery. Last night thou20140326-224334.jpggh, I stayed home with Noah because his cold is still pretty nasty and I didn’t want to expose him to new germs nor the other kids to his germs. :( Germs. Eck.

So anyways, I was home with him until I had to run a CD out to Connor. On the way home, Noah fell asleep in his carseat (Score!!). I came home, laid him in his crib and he (shocker) stayed asleep. Which meant I got to do some laundry folding. Whoop whoop!

Connor came home the house was quiet and our room was (mostly) cleaned. He sat down on the bed with me and we watched an episode of The Voice. We loooved it. We used to watch American Idol buuuut ever since Phillip Phillips everything else seems…meh. So The Voice was a refreshing change (P.S. I went to college with Sam Behymer! #teamsam!).

Then…we played Plants Vs. Zombies on our phones. Don’t judge. It was awesome.

Quiet, “non-required” evenings like that are soo good for our relationship. Neither one of us had expectations for the night, neither one of us knew we would get such a precious chunk of time to just..be.

I am so thankful for nights like that.

And that is why I do not feel bad for not having a deeper post for you. :)






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