16 week bumpdate


  • How far along are you? 16 weeks (I didn’t take a picture this week yet…so bear with me. Things in the bump department haven’t really changed since last week any way. :] )
  • How I’m feeling: Pretty good! This pregnancy has been kind to me. I’m finally feeling better in the mornings. Every once in awhile I have to take it real slow and make sure I’m very intentional about eating. Oh- I’ve been having dizzy spells this week. I’m not sure if that’s something sinus or pregnancy related. Other than that, I’m grrreat!
  • Total weight gain: still 1 lb according to my bathroom scale
  • How big is baby? Apple-sized!


  • This week baby: Baby Boyce is growing like crazy! Little one can now hold their head up and make facial expressions!
  • Maternity clothes: Not yeeeet.
  • Sleep: I’VE been sleeping great but baby Noah has been getting up ever few hours for the lest few days because of a terrible cold.
  • Best moment this week: Having a productive mornings with no morning sickness!!
  • Movement: I thought maybe…but I haven’t felt it again so it was probably just my intestines…
  • Food cravings: Macaroni and Cheese. Cheese for Days.
  • Food aversions: None right now…
  • Belly button in or out:  Innie!
  • What I am thankful for: Getting my mornings back!
  • What I’m looking forward to: hearing our little one’s heartbeat at this weeks appointment.
  • Fitness: …I did get a few more walks in but not as may as I would like.

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