Lunch and Contacts

It was necessary to take my lunch break at 10:15 this morning. Like, real necessary. My mid-morning waffle snack wasn’t cutting it. So I decided to have a little Thursday treat and take myself to Subway. Sometimes, work is just so crazy that I gotta eat fresh!

I was psyched out of my mind for this sandwich guys. I even got a footlong so I could eat half then and half for second-lunch. AWWWESOME.

I was filling up my massive Dr. Pepper (also feeling super pumped for that treat) when the owner of the gym next door to my office walked in. I waved and started to giddily make my way to the door to get back to work so I could dig in. Said gym owner stopped me, “You wear contacts?!” (Apparently, I wear my glasses THAT often that he would feel it necessary to bring up. The whole situation immediately reminded me of one of my first graders writing projects from last year: “Mrs. Boyce wears pants A LOT.” Hmmm.) “Well, I broke my glasses the other night so I have no choice.” I explained to Tony (gym owner). “Oh, haha, how’d you do that?” He caught me just before I pushed the door open to freedom. “I ran into something,” I had to mumble under my breath before leaving to his laughter.

I actually smashed my glasses into two pieces by running into Noah’s car seat with my face. So I shook off my embarrassment, and walked outside. And dropped my Dr. Pepper on the pavement. Mm.

I wasn’t about to give it up though. I shuffled back in with my head down marched right back into Subway and asked for another cup. I swear Tony was about on the floor laughing once I left. But I had a delicious sandwich and a fizzy drink. And that, friends, was awesome.



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