South Dakota Sinuses and 25

First of all…this kid. He’s ticklish on his neck. It is the BEST.


I forgot what March is like in South Dakota. It is the fourth of July finale of pollen (and then some).

I was so proud of myself for going on a walk Thursday afternoon. Yay fitness! The weather was gorgeous, little flowers were poking out of the ground, and the frigid cold that hasn’t given us a break since like October was a distant memory.

Friday morning, I opened my eyes to a whole new world. I could barely open my eyes, I was naseaous, and my head felt like a bowl full of pudding mixed with concrete. La-de-da.

I finally crawled out of bed at 9am. I was supposed to have been at work by 8. Blech. When I did finally get my head stable enough to drive I slowly made my way to work. Once there I realized it was a biiig mistake. The lights were too bright, my chair was too spin-happy, and don’t even get me started on the computer screen. I made the choice to go home after a lady came in and asked if I could “….smorgsmorgblahborbsmorg…” My lip trembled and I said, “next window please” and started to cry.

Maybe that’s not totally accurate. But mostly. :)

Anyways, Friday was also my birthday. So after finding out I had sent myself home from work, my husband went and picked up a bowl of soup from Subway and brought it straight to me. How sweet is he? That took all of his lunch break. I don’t think he even ate lunch. :/ I love him so much.


Sleep and quiet family time was on the agenda for the remainder of the day. Hello, 25.


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