Five on Friday

I really wanted to post today but wasn’t coming up with anything interesting. SO. I thought I’d try this five on Friday thing! What are five things that have made me smile this week? Well, let me tell ya..

1. The outfit I found Noah in when I came home from work yesterday. Ohh man…


2. I stumbled on this quote on Insta and it has stuck with me. Love it! It reminded me that I am always going to be a mommy first and I ALWAYS SHOULD BE.


3. Noah fell asleep sitting in his crib. The sweetness was too much.

20140307-131052.jpg4. Connor leads worship Sunday evenings at church (which is aaaawwweesome) and he convinced me to sing with him last Sunday (which is a big deal, people!). While I was sweating like crazy through the first couple songs, I just have to say that there is nothing more wonderful than worship. Singing my lungs out with my incredibly talented husband next to me filled my heart up with such happiness. God is so good.

20140307-131042.jpg5. We bought our first car! Woot woot! A “rugged” utility vehicle (as my husband would describe it). So he’s super happy. I am also happy with our Jeep Cherokee because not only is it a reliable car, but it will fit two car seats, unlike our little Honda. YAY! I don’t have any pictures of the new vehicle so that will have to wait. But…we were not sad to wave goodbye to this little number…



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