12 week bumpdate

Where have I been for the last week or so? Being pregnant, that’s where. While I am SO thankful for this little one and SO excited for the gift of pregnancy – being pregnant is not a super time for me. With Noah, I had intense morning sickness and food aversions for the first two-thirds of the pregnancy. During the last third I was endlessly itching from a PUPPS rash that covered my torso. Oh oh oh oh oh. So miserable. Yes, I’m whining. Sorry.

However, I have high hopes for this peanut’s pregnancy. I have been no where near as sick as I was with Noah. I do not have food aversions and nausea…just a CRAZY overactive gag reflux. I gag at everything, but usually only throw up in the mornings. Holla!

I am much more emotional this time around. I get blubbery ALL THE TIME. I might shed a discreet tear while talking about a dirty diaper…or while looking at unfolded laundry…or while brushing my hair. Friends, the possibilities are endless.

Connor got to go with me to an ultrasound appointment last night. I was so glad! Connor was actually able to come to every one of our appointments before Noah was born. It was the most incredible blessing. This time around, circumstances are different and with our work schedules, I’m not sure how many he will actually get to come to. That made last night especially special.


When the ultrasound tech put the image on the screen my heart just jumped. There our little peanut was! Peanut would not stop moving. She (I am just so sure baby #2 is a she! Even though they couldn’t tell last night) was jumping and flipping the whole time. It was adorable. And so unlike Peanut’s big brother. Noah always seemed relaxed and peaceful during ultrasounds. Not this little one. Hmmm. ;)


God’s design is amazing, isn’t it? I am in awe.


So this morning, I had to take Noah to day care. I am so thankful to have found a wonderful place run by people I know and trust. But, dropping him off on Thursdays is still the hardest part of my week. I want to stay home with my baby so bad! Someday soon – I hope! He’s just getting so big so fast!


You know what I miss? Colorado Springs. It is so unacceptably cold in South Dakota right now!! It was below zero this morning and my car door was frozen shut. Gross. I bet Colorado-ites are having lemonades on their porch right now. Ugh. It was so cold this morning that I had my first cup of coffee in 2 two months. I don’t know what it is about being pregnant, but with Noah and with Peanut, even the idea of coffee makes me gag. It sounds gross, dry, and bitter. Which is fairly strange because under all other circumstances, I LOVE coffee! Is anyone else turned off of coffee during pregnancy?



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