Walmart and 10 week appointments

I ran a low grade fever Saturday- Tuesday. It was weird. I didn’t feel overwhelmingly sick, just a little more tired and a little chillier than normal. I was able to take Tuesday off of work, which was very nice. My body needed that recuperation time.

Wednesday the fever was off and on, and mostly off. I went to the doctors for baby b’s 10 week appointment and they were not concerned about my fever. Yay! When I’m pregnant every minor thing becomes a major thing, so it’s always nice to have a doctor’s definitive opinion on things. And it turns out, the whole thing really wasn’t a big deal because I am much, much better today. My body is still tired but, hey, that’s the first trimester for ya.

After the appointment my mother and I went to Walmart to do some serious grocery shopping. And it WAS serious. We did work. An hour and a half later found us checking out. I get crazy light-headed when I’m pregnant. By the time we were re-loading our carts I hadn’t eaten anything for THREE HOURS! Pregnant Kathryn not eating for three hours is like normal Kathryn who hasn’t eaten for 3 days as a result of being dropped in the middle of a desert. So obviously, I almost fainted while waiting for my mother to finish paying for her things. Thank the Lord I have an observant parent who looked at me and ran over to the Subway inside the store (thank you for not choosing McDonalds this time, Walmart!) and got me a sandwich. That six-inch was gone in six seconds. I even got some lettuce stuck in my hair. ;)

I have the best Momma. I am so thankful for her. It is such a blessing for Noah and for Connor and I, that she watches while we are at work.

Baby b is doing very well, by the way. When the doctor was listening for the little one’s heartbeat my mother and Noah were in the room with me. As soon as that fast boom-boom-boom filled the room, Noah went completely still (he’s never still). He stared at me and cocked his head and just listened very intensely. It was a moment I will treasure in my heart forever. Noah was “meeting” his little brother or sister for the first time. When he couldn’t hear the heartbeat anymore he went right back to trying to climb over my mother’s shoulder.

It was so precious.

Another precious moment from this week - Noah going limp in his daddy's arms during a feeding. <3

Another precious moment from this week – Noah going limp in his daddy’s arms during a feeding. <3



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