I Cannot Blame This On Auto Correct.

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I love a good auto correct fail. But that is beside the point because the following has absolutely nothing to do with auto correct.

The other day I was at Alco, our local “stuff” store. I noticed they had just got a rare shipment of Hanes underwear – which is AWESOME, because that is my husband’s favorite brand! Alco always carries Fruit of the Loom (which is not allowed in our house), so seeing the “good stuff” in a special display box got me pretty hyped.

I whipped out my phone and texted the hubs,

“Is you underwear small or medium?”

I then started to dig through the sizes (because, OF COURSE, there were enough XXXXXXXXXXXL packs to equip 50 sumo wrestling TEAMS with undies…and any sizes below that were probably nonexistent).

I paused, shoulder-deep in men’s under garments. A quick peek at my phone confirmed my dread. I had not texted Connor. I had texted my pastor.

Who, I might add, had only moved to town and started preaching at our church maybe two weeks prior to that day.

I have never died so slowly. I laid right on that scuffed linoleum Alco floor and DIED.

“I am SO SORRY! That was not meant for you!”

He LOL’d and told me “no worries.”

A couple days later, I had completely forgotten this incident. While at church, I spent some time talking to the pastor about the dates of our women’s bible study and he kept giving me this big grin. Like a really BIG GRIN. I kept thinking, “Man, this guys is way too excited about women’s bible studies…”

It wasn’t until I got home after church and was eating my grilled cheese sandwich that I realized, mid-bite, why my pastor had been snickering (pastorally, of course) at me.



11 thoughts on “I Cannot Blame This On Auto Correct.

  1. Just found this through the Storytelling link-up. Oh. My. Word! Hilarious! I love good autocorrect fails too (and apparently, I love regular texting fails too). Thanks for sharing.

  2. One time, my friend was trying to get help deciding on new glasses so she was sending us all pictures of each frame style, and her husband replied, “Sexy Librarian” to the ENTIRE group. It took a long time for him to live that one down. I loved this story. So funny.

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