Carabox Reveal!

I had the BEST time participating in the winter Cara Box Exchange hosted by Wifessionals. It. Was. Awesome. I met a ton of new bloggers and got to know two of them really well. I got the privilege of sending a box full of goodies to Laura over at

She is a seriously sweet and genuine gal from the Dakotas. Her photography is awesome and so is her life. I love the honesty she puts into posts like this >>> one on fitness. Check her blog out. Go.


I don’t know how I got so lucky to also be paired up with Amanda who blogs at

Notes from a Newlywed
But I sure am grateful I was. She is such a sweetheart! Her blog is a treasure chest of newlywed wisdom and great advice on life in general. I love her post on “Conquering the Clutter: Our Apartment Overhaul.” It’s a relief to know I’m not the only one who needs to clear that clutter! I love the honesty she displays in each of her posts. Read her.
Not only is she a great blogger, but she is VERY thoughtful. Just look at my amazing Cara Box!
Super cute presentation, Amanda!
She sure does have me figured out.
Fuzzy socks for my cold floors? Check.
Adorable notepad for my copious amounts of note taking? Check.
A yoga DVD perfect for my out-of-shape-newly-pregnant-again body? Check and check.
Burt Bee’s special baby package to spoil my sweet little one? Check.
The CUTEST doggy socks for Noah, perfect because of how much he loooooves dogs? Check.
One of my life phrases beautifully displayed on a canvas? Be still my heart.
An amazingly poignant encouragement card? Thank you, thank you.
I LOVED my box. I could not love it more. It is absolutely perfect for me.
I love getting to know new bloggers. Especially these two ladies. They are made of strong character and well-worded sentences. Thank you for letting me be a little part of your lives, Laura and Amanda!
If the Cara Box exchange sounds like something you’d be interested in check it out >>>>> HERE.

Cara Box


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