Noah Taylor has something to tell you…


It’s true! Noah is going to have a little brother or sister in September! Right now I’ve been given two due dates…one from my doctor and the other from my ultrasound tech. When the nurse called to confirm our due date she said to just go by what I was told, because she didn’t have my chart in front of her. I said something like, “Yay! Okay! Thanks!” And when I got off the phone I realized I didn’t know which person had “told” me correctly. :) So, I’m either due September 7 or September 11. I’m going with the 11th, which makes me almost NINE WEEKS!!!

What an incredible blessing, friends! Connor and I are so excited.

So far, this pregnancy has been a lot like Noah’s. The month of December I was very VERY tired. Fall-asleep-with-my-face-in-my-dinner-plate-tired. That tipped me off. I took a pregnancy test on New Year’s Eve. When I saw those two pink lines I could not believe it.

Noah has been the biggest and most life-changing thing to ever happen to Connor and I. He has been the most real challenge for our patience, our wisdom and our marriage. He has opened my heart to a fiercer love than I have ever experienced. It’s like I’ve loved him intensely my whole life, but I just met him 8 months ago.

Those two pink lines meant I might get that breath-taking blessing again (God willing). I cried a little and smiled a LOT. God is good.

I found out while Connor was at work  so I immediately started thinking of cute ways to tell him. And they all went out the window about five minutes after he got home. I kept breaking into an outrageous grin and running away to hide it. He knew something was up. I caved. I couldn’t keep our joy from him any longer.

“What’s up with you?” He asked with a smile on his face.

“So, I took these two pregnancy tests.” I held them up as evidence. “and I’m pretty sure we’re pregnant again.”

“Wh…what?! Are you serious?” As I nodded, grinning like a fool, his face broke into one of those real smiles where the rest of your face relaxes and it’s clear that all you’re thinking about is that specific joy.

I went to my first doctor appointment 2 weeks ago. Up until I saw our little button on the ultrasound screen I had my doubts I was actually pregnant. But there was no doubting that fluttering heart.

So there’s the story. We’re pregnant with baby #2. I’m loving the daily morning sickness that reminds me we have a healthy growing baby on the way (mostly loving it…). Noah and his sibling will be 15 months apart. Hello, reality. I have a feeling I’m going to be learning a lot about letting God be my strength during the next couple years. :)

I will try to post weekly or bi-weekly bump updates. Mostly because I hardly documented Noah’s pregnancy and regret it. I was so focused on having him that I didn’t take time to soak in the pregnancy.


Look who came to visit me at work today!



I was trying to feed Noah a bottle before bed tonight but he wouldn’t stop smiling at his daddy, who was sitting next to me. Melt my heart.

Any questions? A part of the story I forgot to tell that you’d like to know about? Ask me! :)


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