Learning to Give to My Husband


Last week, I missed almost an entire day of work for a doctors appointment I thought was going to last like a half hour. That was interesting. Don’t worry, I will tell you all about it later – for now, just know there is nothing wrong with me. :) The really crazy part about the day though was the 60 mile an hour wind gusts we were getting. OY! I felt like our big car was going to flip right over. Every time a semi passed us going the other way I tensed up because who knows when that big gust is going to knock them over. ugh ugh ugh. It was nasty. The rest of my week was just as crazy. Which is why there are no posts. Lame.

What I really wanted to tell you about happened Tuesday night. I have been participating in a little instagram event #wifelifelinkup. Two lovely ladies, _wifestyles_ and wifessionals, have been posting weekly photo prompts with the intention of building an encouraging social media community for wives. I love it. One of their prompts was,  “something sweet you do for your husband.” I was pumped after reading it, because I am SUPER SWEET. So, I was sure I would have tons of awesome pictures of random sweet things I do for my husband “just because.” So I started thinking about awesome things I do…

And I kept thinking about it.

And couldn’t come up with anything. How’s that for embarrassing? I was appalled. Giving (in the sense of gifts and acts of service) is a necessary part of marriage that helps “keep the romance alive” and makes your spouse feel wanted. Marriage is all about giving – giving your body and heart to your spouse, etc. And while I do give daily to my husband in non-physical ways (Such as giving him grace when things aren’t perfect, giving him affection when I don’t feel affectionate, and giving him support in his decisions as the head of our household.) I found, through this Instagram challenge, that I do not “treat” my husband to special gifts often or at all. And I didn’t like that. So I made plans.

I stopped by Alco (South Dakota’s small-town-everythings-there store) and bought a few things that I knew would make him smile and feel loved.


1// Our floors are wood and, therefore, freezing in the morning. Connor has been walking around barefoot for months since his last slippers hit the dust. So I bought him some new, super comfy slippers.

2// A back massager that was $1. And works awesome. He’s been doing a lot of iron pumping lately and those muscles are tight!

3// Candy, because it will forever win my husband’s heart.

4// A hilarious fur-lined heart full of beef jerky. Only in South Dakota.

5// A love letter. For obvious reasons.

My husband felt SO special. The look on his face when he walked into our room and saw his gifts was priceless. I will hold it in my heart. I know he knows I love him all the time, but seeing him surprised by my  gesture of love was precious. And definitely made me want to do sweet things for him all the time!!

The whole point of this post is to encourage you to love on your spouse by “gifting.” We don’t have a lot of spare money right now but I don’t imagine we will ever have a lot of spare money lying around. That is no excuse for me to not give to my husband. I’m not going to make a habit of buying my husband a “just because” gift every week. I am, however, going to make a conscious effort to do something  sweet for my husband everyday. Giving a gift can be in the form of an object OR an act of service. I’m focusing on my acts of service now.

My father wakes my mother up almost every morning before he goes to work by bringing her a hot cup of coffee while she’s still in bed. Adorable? Yes. And in doing so, my father is continually giving to my mother – and it costs him NOTHING. I, for one, am inspired by that. :)


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