A window into our Saturday

Here is a quick peek into our Saturday. Cheetos and all.
Noah is occupying himself in the living room and Connor is working on slides for worship on Sunday evening. That big ol’ stack of papers to the right of the picture are my household management/budgeting things that I was working on until I took this much needed blogging break. I’m also, as you can see, finally getting a chance to catch up on American Idol. Yay! Connor says he’s sick of the show, there’s too much hype, there are no good singers, and there’s NO way he’s watching it with me…but as you can see, it sucks him in every time (although he’ll endlessly deny it). :) I love that man.

Noah is busy crawling like crazy. He doesn’t get into much. Except for everything he’s not supposed to get into. Just a second ago though, he did help me out quite a bit with the laundry.


Such a helper. On my to do list today? Fold and put away our laundry (that my sweet husband washed earlier this morning while I was still snoozing. Is he not the best?), get our budget up to date, clean our room, do the dishes, and love on my family. It’s shaping up to be a great day in my book. :)

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you enjoy your family today!

Oh! And look forward to more posts this week. I have things planned both on marriage and budget and I can’t wait to share. :)


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