Noah: 7 months and 2 weeks

Noah is 30 weeks old. He was born June 12, 2013. So, this always confuses me, but if you count how many 12ths of the months he’s been alive for he will be seven months tomorrow. But, if you divide 30 by 4 (which is what I would consider a typical “month”) Then he’s 7 months and 2 weeks old. So whatever. He’s seven-ish months.

I had to write another update. Noah has changed SO much in just a week. At the beginning of last week he was just starting to crawl. Connor and I were falling-over-each-other excited. Then, at the end of the week – he started ACTUALLY crawling. It all clicked for him one night while he was rolling around on our bed. My sister was teasing him with her foot  and he just jumped up and sped over to her foot (all the way across the bed). It was over before we even knew what happened. :) He has been unstoppable since then. His shakiness is now almost completely gone and he can scootch himself anywhere he wants.



THEN! Yesterday, Connor had laid Noah down for a nap and was (trying) to soothe him to sleep with his guitar. Noah, more interested in the guitar than anything else, GRABBED THE TOP OF HIS CRIB AND STOOD UP. Not yet, little one, not yet!! Don’t be that big yet.

Last night (yes, the same day he pulled himself up to standing for the first time), I was trying to feed him some applesauce and his daddy was doing a great job of distracting him from the task at hand. Making faces, sticking out his tongue, making weird sounds, the works. Obviously, Noah loved it. He was studying Connor so intently. All of a sudden he started copying the faces he was making. His eyebrows were knitted together and he was concentrating harder than I’ve ever seen him do (other than when he’s filling his diaper) and he started sticking his tongue in and out exactly like Connor was doing. Daddy and son sat there for like a half hour just looking at each other, sticking their tongues out and laughing. It made my mommy heart swell up to bursting.


Noah looooves his Gigi-ma. :)

He’s learned to “jump.” When he’s being held and his feetsies touch your lap he starts jump jump jumping! It cracks me up. The smile on his face is always gigantic when he gets to soar up in the air. Frrreedom!

I’ve been using A&D cream on his diaper rash and it has really been helping. Thank goodness. This morning it looked like it was almost completely gone. Sometimes I felt like the Zinc in the other diaper creams were making it worse. I wonder if anyone else has had that problem? The A&D cream doesn’t have Zinc so I feel like I’m just putting vaseline on his bottom – but it’s working so I won’t complain.

With all of this crazy learning and moving he’s been doing he’s also been taking nice long naps. YAY for more laundry folding time! Woot. Which is probably what I need to go do now…


He is obsessed with this car!


Naked baby! Too much? Probably. But he’s so cute!!


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