We’re freezing over here!

Good morning blog-world. It’s 5 a.m. here in South Dakota. I’m sitting in the living room, curled in front of an electric fireplace, with a hot cup of tea in hand. I am quite cozy. Oh, and it’s -20 outside. Yikes! I don’t know what’s going on with these temperatures lately but it has been extremely cold. According to our local news it got down to between -40 and -50 last night. Crazy!

Yesterday the temperatures fluctuated between 0 and -20ish degrees. When we all got out of church it was probably 0 degrees. We were all bundled up and in need of groceries at home so we decided to go to Mitchell (which is an hour away but has one of the closest Walmarts). Connor, Noah and I jumped into our van (woot woot!) and had great conversation on the way there. One of the reasons I do love South Dakota (sometimes) is all the long, stress-free (there is absolutely no traffic) car rides you get to take with your family. There is something about long drives that get Connor and I to talking about what really matters in life. We always seem to get our lives on track after a drive to Mitchell (or one of the other various, far away towns that have Walmarts).

I did not realize it was going to get to -20 by the time we got to Mitchell. I felt so guilty having Noah outside in that frigid cold. He was definitely bundled up to the max and none of his skin was showing, but still! He didn’t complain though. Not even a peep. He was a happy bouncy boy all day. :) But we didn’t want to keep him out in that kind of weather so we did our business real quick and came back home.


Pretty, right? Except it’s FRIGID out there!

Connor and I  made a big kid purchase while we were there. One I have really been hemming and hawing over since before Noah was born. I have a problem with things that cost over $100. I hate that one item can cost so much. Everything should be under $100. Seeing our bank account nearly drained because of the purchase of ONE item gives me the heeby jeebies. UGH. But I’m going to have to get over that because kids are expensive. Noah has been sleeping in a crib that my Grandmother passed on to me, (well to my parents really, but since we’re in my parents house right now it is Noah’s crib). This crib is like 25 years old and, while it has worked absolutely perfect for the time being, Noah is getting more and more mobile and the side of the crib (which is propped up by a suitcase laying underneath it. ) is not going to put up a fight for much longer. So, as you can see, I had put off buying a crib for way too long now. We’ve also been using our pac-n-play as a changing table since day one. It has one of those changing table attachments but Noah feet hang just about over the edge now. Yesterday was a much needed upgrade day.

We walked into Walmart, went straight to the cribs and I told Connor to pick one because I couldn’t even look at them. After a few minutes of breathing exercises I started helping him browse and we found a reasonably priced crib that came with a changing table!! Yipee! We could knock two big purchases out in one. I liked that.

So we contacted one of the department employees and asked if there was someone she could call to have this massive and very heavy box waiting for us at the front so we didn’t have to push it around the store. She said of course that would be no problem. And off she went to get these two tiny little teenage-looking girls to carry our crib. Oh geez did Connor and I feel guilty watching them try to handle that big box. They didn’t want help though. But…considering how they basically slid it away, maybe they should have let us do something. Oh, Walmart…

And THEN! We found the perfect big boy carseat for Noah. His current carseat will fit him only up to 30 inches long or 30 pounds and he is pushing 30 inches so we have been on the lookout for awhile. This carseat was so soft it seemed like it had memory foam cushion! I feel in love but, since we live in South Dakota and our debit cards have a daily purchase limit (WHAT?!) we couldn’t buy both the crib and car seat at once. Ridiculous. So that will be next weekends big trip, as long as the temperatures aren’t in the negatives anymore. Sheesh.

It was a good day though. I had so much fun with my little boy and my sweet husband. To top it all off, we were playing with Noah last night and letting him roll around with just his diaper on because he gets so adorable giddy, and he CRAWLED!!! He wanted to put my sister’s foot in his mouth so much that he crawled three or four little scoots in a row to get to her! It was amazing. My heart is so full of love for that little boy. :)


Now that we have the crib, the question is how long will it take us to get it set up…..


One thought on “We’re freezing over here!

  1. Aww, what a nice post. You had some good successes, despite the nasty weather. I agree, nothing should cost more than $100. It’d make buying houses and cars much more affordable too! :) You guys are so cute, and I love that you use car trips as time for family bonding and fun.

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