Noah Update: Week 29


I cannot believe how fast time has flown. I know every mother has said that before, but it is so true!! I don’t care how cliche it is.

Noah is one week away from being 7 months. I had to check his age twice on my calendar just now because I cannot accept that he is almost 7 months old!! I wish I would have done monthly updates on the blog, so I could go back and read them now. Oh we’ll, here’s to future updates though!

Noah is learning to crawl. He started pushing himself up in his hands and knees last weekend. I think it was Sunday night that Connor, my parents and I were huddled around N’s crib laughing and cheering him on as he awkwardly scootched himself from one end of his crib to the other. He has the biggest cheer squad for everything he does. And I do mean everything…from his first wobbly crawl motions, to smushing puréed peas in his hair and ear eating, to having great daily poops. He is cheered on. And although the content of what he accomplishes will change as he grows, his cheering squad will forever be there, and be so proud.


I have thought Noah was teething for the last 3 months. He started drooling constantly when he was around 4ish months old and hasn’t quit since. But there are and have been no teeth! He has his fussy nights, when he wants to be held, and I’ll think maybe a tooth is popping through, but none yet. I don’t really want him to get teeth because his toothless grin is the most adorable thing on the planet. I just want him to quit drooling so much. Although I don’t think that’s in the cards any time soon.

Connor and I have been very blessed by Noah’s sleep schedule. He pretty much decided on his own at 2 months old that he was to be put into his crib by 8:00 every night. Otherwise he fusses at whoever is holding him. And it was always a very clear “I don’t want you holding me right now – lay me in my crib or I’ll  spit up on you,” fuss. As soon as he sees his crib his body relaxes. We have a couple of those blankies that have tags all over them, and thank goodness we do because he LOVES his tag blankie (or, as Connor calls it, his “baboosh.” We’ve kind of taken sides over what he’ll call it. Bets may have been made.). When we lay him down, he grabs his blankie, pulls it over his face (yes, I always check to make sure he can breathe) turns onto his left side, sticks that thumb in his mouth and is down for the count. In the last two weeks he has started to fight naps and bed time a little bit, in that he will cry and roll around in his crib until he passes out with his thumb in his mouth. But usually, he is quite happy to be in his little space.


He has had a slight diaper rash for what I feel like has been forever. It is really bothering me. Sometimes it gets worse, for reasons unbeknownst to me, and then sometimes it almost disappears. AH! I just want it to go away! His poor baby bottom doesn’t deserve that! I have tried Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, Desitin, and A&D . Nothing really seems to make that much of a difference. :\ I would love any suggestions…

In the last few days he has become very careful with his hands. He moves them slowly over different textures and objects. When he wants to touch my face, he (generally) comes at me slowly with arms out stretched and explores my face. Which usually means I get a finger up the nose or in the eye, but he is at least moving intentionally. :)

One of my very favorite things about my little boy right now are his eyebrows. Have you noticed? They are insanely expressive. His hair is so light you can’t really even see it, but you sure can tell that he has eyebrows. He’s always telling me, “Mom, I’m not impressed.” “Shawty said whaaat?!” and “Try that again.” He is such a serious little dude!! Not to say that he isn’t a happy bouncy baby most of the time – because he so is. It’s just that he takes everything so seriously at first. It’s absolutely precious.

I love him with my whole heart, and yet more of my heart is his everyday. I am so thankful to be his mommy.

So that’s what’s up with Noah T. lately. Thanks for reading. :)



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