Making What Matters Happen in 2014

lara casey

I’ve been following Lara Casey’s goal setting series on her blog. Click on the graphic above to go check her posts out. Her words are so wonderfully encouraging and clear. I’m so motivated!! One of her challenges to readers in the process of setting goals was to write out what worked in 2013 and what didn’t. Here’s my list:


//Connor and I prayed together often that the steps we take in marriage, in life, and as parents are guided by Christ. It feels so good to surrender everything into His control. I always feel a peace that passes understanding when I have God firmly set in the driver’s seat of our lives.

//Little Noah T. was born healthy and content! That definitely worked. I am so in awe of how he changes every day. He is almost crawling! Connor and I have been able to meet all of his needs so far. That is such a blessing! I will forever pray for that to be the case.

Look at how big he is!


His precious head used to be smaller than Connor’s hand!

//Putting our nose to the grindstone, working full-time jobs, and living rent-free in my parent’s house has paid off in that our debts are shrinking significantly. I just made the last payment on one big bill and am looking to eliminate another one by the end of next week. Um. That feels awesome.

//Having an in-home (and free!) babysitter – my mother. :) Noah stays in our warm house all day and gets loved on, spoiled, and stimulated by a very happy Grandma. This has brought peace to me and my mother. It’s win-win.

//My job at the newspaper has been a wonderful blessing. Not only do I have a great work environment, I have a fairly flexible schedule as well. This has allowed me to be there for Noah whenever he needs me. A lot of working mother’s don’t have that luxury. They are forced to choose between work and family. How stupid is that? I am endlessly grateful to not have to make that choice (but if I did have to – I would always, absolutely chose Noah).

//Morning Kathryn Time. Noah usually wakes up around 5:30 for a bottle. Then plays really hard until he falls back asleep by 6ish. It’s awesome. It gives me just enough time to be fully awake and unable to go back to bed. And so I have about an hour in the morning or incredible quiet time to do what I pleased. I blogged, watched the news, read, talked to God, etc. It didn’t matter what I did, but having that quiet and unscheduled time was so nice.

//Towards the end of the year I started blogging more often. Love. This. I process things best when I write them out. I am a terrible verbal processor and a questionable thinker. I need to write, write, write to understand the things going on in my life. Taking the time to blog has helped me gain perspective on things I’m going through. Nice.


//I wasn’t in the Word much at all. I looked up specific verses when I was in need…but rarely did I choose to find the time to sit down with my bible. Thinking about that makes me feel selfish and icky.

//Living in my parent’s house. Yes, this was in my “what worked” list- it makes both lists. While it has benefited us in many many ways…Connor and I have crammed our king-size bed into my high school room. Thaaat bites a little bit. It’s humbling, at the very least. While we don’t really have any complaints (my parents have been overwhelmingly gracious and helpful during this time), it would be, in some ways, healthier for our little family to be in our own space.

//I exercised maybe…two times this whole year. That’s embarrasing. And I feel gross. I need to start taking care of my body. Period.

//I wasted a LOT of time in 2013, watching Netflicks and Hulu and spending obnoxious amounts of time on Instagram, Facebook and other various apps….blech. I have a baby now! A wonderful husband! A great family! A blessed life! I should not be missing pieces of these precious things because my head is buried in the social media sand.

//I was not always faithful in making large payments of debts. (ughhh I hate admitting that.)For example, I bought Connor a Mac laptop and he bought me an Iphone. Those pieces of technology are so wonderful and appreciated!! But sometimes I feel bad about those kinds of purchases when we could have made larger loan payments that month instead.

– – – – – – – –

My soul is tired of waste and excess. I am thirsty for a deeper love and richer experiences with Christ, my son and my husband.

I have big dreams for 2014. I am ready to GET. THINGS. DONE.


4 thoughts on “Making What Matters Happen in 2014

  1. I am so very glad that I read your “review of 2013″…it was great! Thanks so much for sharing your personal journey of life! I am encouraged by your words realizing that I too have so much to be thankful for and yet lots of areas in my life that I want to do “better” this year, 2014!! I am excited to see the plans God has for my life! He truly is my LIFE!! Happy New Year Year Kathryn!!

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