These Women…

I have been so encouraged lately. Did you know there are some incredible women out in the blog-o-sphere? The past few weeks I have been spending a little more time reading blogs and have found these ladies blogs to be so uplifting, wise and warm. And just all-around pleasant reads!

The extremely talented and wise Emily Ley

The uplifting Lara Casey (she created those amazing free downloads for phone/computer backgrounds that I linked to last week)

The sweet and friendly Wifessionals (her past posts are so fun to read!)

The encouraging and inspiring A Worker At Home

I just had to share those women with you. If only so that you know that these women are inspiring me to do what I dream about. I have some pretty big goals for 2014. Bigger goals and aspirations than I have purposefully pursued in a long time.

After reading Emily Ley’s recent series about simplifying, clearing the clutter and “making what matters happen,” I have felt a substantial pressure to do just that. Why not? Why wouldn’t I make steps towards a more physically and mentally clutter-free life that would allow me to live more fully? I want to bless God and those around me with my daily actions. Currently, I have so much meaningless junk that I do and think about everyday, that I do not have time (or even realize I don’t have time) to purposefully engage with others. That is not how I want to live. So…Emily Ley says CHANGE IT. So good. I am currently using her Simplified Planner for 2014 and loving how it feels to get organized and focused. Living with purpose is so difficult, but taking time to plan each day certainly helps.


Lara Casey has an incredible story. She is the creator of Southern Weddings magazine. She has accomplished so much and it has encouraged me to DO. DO those things that I am scared to take a chance on. For me – it’s writing a book. I have always, always wanted to write a young adult book to encourage young women in their worth.  I am terrified to follow through. Something about people judging something you put your heart into… AH. Lara Casey’s story helped me see my fear for the petty facade it really is.  Her site is beautiful and so are her words. You will love reading and learning about her. Well, I did anyway.

Kaitlyn, at Wifessionals, has a spirit so full of sweetness and encouragement that it bursts out the seams of her blog. She is more attentive to her followers than any other bigger blogger I have ever come in contact with. She writes with such an honest and welcoming voice that you just want to be her best friend (and you kinda feel like you already are!). While she has currently decided to step away from her blog for personal reasons, looking through her previous posts will not disappoint you. She started Cara Box, which is an exchange between blogging women. I am participating in the winter Cara Box and have been given two partners. We are getting to know each other over the month of December and then, at the end of January, will send each other a box filled with surprises and goodies that we think our partner will enjoy. The whole swap focuses on encouraging and uplifting the women in the blogging/social media world. I am so all over that! What an amazing idea!! The whole thing has reminded me that I need to be intentional. If I want to have a legacy of encouraging – then I need to take time out to DO IT. Cara Box is a great step to being more purposeful.

Katie, at A Worker At Home, is actually a friend from college. I have been following her blog for awhile and I just love it. She is mommy to a precious little boy and has a little girl on the way! She is so inspiring to me because, ladies, she is HARDCORE in everything she does (cooking, mothering, being a wife, being a daughter of Christ, ETC!) – but only in the most feminine way possible. She is in her 3rd trimester and still working out with purpose. WOAAAAH. (When I was pregnant I made every excuse in the book not to work out. AAAnd gained like 50 pounds as a result.) Her posts are soft-spoken, filled with practical wisdom and really good at reminding me to focus and follow through with what matters. Visit her.

I really love all of these blogs and admire the women behind them. I get so excited to read them each week. :)  Just thought I’d share.

A few pictures before I go…


This happened last week. It would have been hilarious if Connor had done this. Only I did it. I didn’t even realize I had buttoned Noah’s onsie over his pants until Connor took him from me and started cracking up. Oops. Sleep deprived much? :)

20131218-213038.jpgHe is SO close to crawling but when I put him on his tummy this is what I get. Doesn’t it break your heart and make you smile at the same time?


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