Press on

It has been quite the week. We had food poisoning (which you can read all about here) or maybe the flu…I’m not sure which one it was now. We recovered (we thought) and went back to work. My sweet grandparents, who rescued us in our airport distress, got sick the day after they got home. My mother, who also rescued us, got sick Thursday. Yikes. So now I’m thinking we had a violent and quick flu bug. I feel terrible we go everyone else so sick. Thankfully though, everyone is better now.

Oh…wait, not everyone. My amazing husband. My husband, who loves and lives to provide for his family, has had the roughest week. After “recovering” from our joint flu (which hit him harder than it did me), he went back to work and spent the next two days stapling steel onto a barn (or something construction-y like that). He came home completely exhausted each time. To the point where I seriously started to worry about him. Because he will always give me a smile and tell me he’s alright – no matter how he really feels. Yesterday, Friday, he had a terrible relapse of the sickness we had earlier that week. He could hardly leave his bed all day. He was so happy last night when he started feeling better. Then this morning he jumped out of bed to help me with Noah and, in the process, pinched a nerve/pulled a muscle/something in his back. He had to lay completely flat for the better part of the day. It wasn’t until a few hours ago that he was able to get out of bed and shower.

Like I said, he lives to provide for his family(and does a G.R.E.A.T. job at it), so being out of commission has been very hard on him. He is one of the greatest blessings God has given me. It is so hard to watch him suffer and not be able to do much more than get him pain medication and ice chips.

On top of that, Noah  has had a rough week. While I can’t be sure he caught the bug Connor and I had, it seems like he has it in one form or another. He has had terrible diapers all week. We’re talking (plug your ears) liquid terrible. He has had a pretty tough time sleeping and just wants to be held a lot. Poor baby. On the positive side, I did get to be a stay-at-home mommy on Thursday (since my mother was sick) which was an absolute treasure for me (not, obviously, that she got sick, but that I was able to be at home all day). I love my little boy so much. Even when I have to change his crib sheets 3 times in one day (so not impressed with Huggies right now).

So anyways, this morning, when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with all the things I had to do this weekend to catch up from the week,  I happened upon Lara Casey’s free and beautiful downloads. There are inspiring and powerful verses and phrases available with soft and peaceful backgrounds. You can download them as backgrounds for your phone, laptop, desktop or you can print them off and frame them. You better believe I downloaded a bunch of ‘um! What excellent reminders about what matters most.

The one I’m currently using on my phone features part of Philippians 3:14: “I press on toward the goal.”


I am SO thankful for that peaceful background and verse during this time. It has been a crazy week, but now I am reminded every time I look at my phone, to press on. Press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Jesus. That is what matters. All of these things that we deal with every day…they will pass away. Only God, in his unfailing love, remains the same.

Press on, friends.


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