Coffee and Jesus

This morning is one of those “gift of time” mornings that come few and far between. Noah woke up at 5:30 for a bottle and some lovin’. He was asleep again by 5:45. As I was shuffling back to bed my eyes caught on the Keurig. Coffee sounded awesome. I thought maybe I could finish addressing my last two Christmas cards, so I brewed a cup. As I went to sit down a bible sitting on the counter caught my eye. Ohhhh, that’s what I was supposed to do with my”extra” time! How sweet is it that God woke me up with my sweet baby, put him back to bed (Noah rarely ever falls back asleep so quickly), enticed me into a cup of coffee and then asked me to spend the morning with him?! It wasn’t even until I started writing this that my whole morning was orchestrated to make me feel special. Not just me banging around tiredly and ending up on the couch with my bible.
Isn’t it mind-blowing when God does something like that? Chooses us and makes it known that “HEY I want to spend time with you, child.”

And that was one of the things I read this morning. How awesome is that?! He “forms the hearts of all” and “considers everything they do!” God molded my heart to give me specific passions, struggles and desires. He watches everything I do and he was watching me closely this morning. He knew exactly what my heart needed to get me “in The Word,” where he wanted me. I am so glad.
I wonder how many times God guides us to things and places and we are just blind followers. I want to become more aware of God’s movement in my life.
That probably means I should read my bible more than once every blue moon….(eek). :)


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