the times they be a changin’

A few  days ago, I updated you on the arrival of my sweet baby N.  While that was certainly the biggest and most exciting change of our last couple of months, there has been a seemingly endless sea of changes surrounding us lately.

1) I finished the school year and said goodbye to my first graders (tear)

2) The lease for the condo we’ve been living in for the past two years expired the last day of May

3) We lived with my aunt and uncle in Colorado Springs for two weeks, waiting for Noah to be born…

4) On Noah’s one-week-old birthday we moved to South Dakota

5) I found out newborns are much more portable than I had anticipated

6) Once settled into our new home (my old room in my parents house…heh), we jumped in the car for another road trip, this time to California

7) We spent a week at Sierra Bible Camp! Connor served as a counselor and I tried helping with the precampers while doing all these new mommy things


8) We made it back to South Dakota a week ago and I relished the duties of motherhood in my own space (We had been on the go so much!)

9) God provided Connor with a construction job (His timing is INCREDIBLE – in ALL things!!)

10) God challenged me to apply to a job at the local newspaper (although work is the last thing I want to do right now…) and I got it. I start tomorrow.

While changes have been unceasing in this season of Connor and I’s life…I have to say it has been so filled with joy and family, that I have not felt un-anchored or dismayed once. I very easily could have let myself become overwhelmed with motherhood and traveling and other things…but God’s grace is over EVERYTHING. He covers my fears and anxieties so I do not have to feel their weight. I am terrified to start this new job and honestly do not know if I can trust someone else (even if it is family!) to take care of Noah…but I am relying on God’s strength, not my own. Where that will take me, I do not know…(but I pray it takes me to being a stay at home mommy sooner than later!!)



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