Noah Taylor’s Arrival

My sweet boy is finally here! He’s actually been here for quite some time, as he is currently a 7-week-old snoozing in his swing next to me. But time flies. He has been such an all-consuming blessing. Here is his arrival story…

To preface: I was induced, instead of having a natural birth. There are specific reasons Connor and I chose this route (with our doctors support) but I do not condone being induced if you don’t have too…it makes for some pretty uncomfortable labor and the heightens the risks of tiring out your baby.


Monday night Connor and I got checked into the hospital. I was started on an IV immediately with Cytotec to make sure my body was ready for delivery. It was a restless night, mostly because of all the excitement of knowing we would meet Noah the next day. I WISH I had slept more that night…but, you know, that’s not how it goes.

All of Monday night and Tuesday morning my contractions were more like an almost pleasant muscle soreness, even after they started me on Pitocin. I was so pumped! Labor? No, problem! It was a breeze. Unfortunately, things did not stay so hunkey dorey. My doctor kept coming in to check whether I had progressed…and I hadn’t. I had been at 3cm all morning. She was certain that after she broke my water at noon (which was definitely one of the most unpleasant things I experienced..) that things would move along quickly. I decided to try walking around…that and having my water broken sure did it. I had been walking for about 30 minutes when my contractions got so intense I felt like my insides were being shredded by a very large cat. SO. UNPLEASANT. These contractions continued to get more intense and closer together from 1:00pm until 5:30pm on Tuesday. At that point my doctor came back in, excited to see how far I had progressed. I hadn’t.  At all. I was still at 3cm. After going through such intense pain for so long, I was mentally and physically exhausted. When she told me I was still in the same place, I broke down and cried. I couldn’t do this anymore. And I was not on board with getting an epidural. I wanted to have my baby without a “crutch”.

But I couldn’t stop crying and the pain kept coming, with no pauses between contractions. My extremely patient and kind nurse asked if I wanted an epidural and I lost all my willpower to resist it. YES! PLEASE, give me the epidural. A half hour later, I was curled comfortably on my side and resting, for the first time in a long time. I was so thankful for the epidural and I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to get one. I won’t lie to you- it was as scary as I thought it was going to be, and extremely difficult to stay still while they put this big ol needle in your back…but totally worth it.

After the epidural, my body was finally able to relax and, consequently, progress!    I started pushing at 5am Wednesday morning. I did not mind this part of delivery as much as the contractions. It is definitely the hardest part, physically, but mentally it’s so engaging and exciting that Noah was arriving in what felt like minutes (even though I was pushing for an hour and a half.) Noah was born at 6:32am on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Seeing his sweet little face for the first time was overwhelming. I don’t know that I had the gush of euphoria that some women talk about, but I was so proud of my son and speechless at seeing how perfect he was. He is an absolute confirmation to me that God is good.


After he was taken to the warming bed to be cleaned up, I passed out for two hours. I could not have stayed up if I wanted to. I have never been that exhausted in my life. When I woke up they were moving me to a different room. Unfortunately, I was more sore and weak than the nurse and I realized. After trying to  get into a wheelchair, I just about blacked out and started falling out of the chair. Thankfully, the nurse put me back in the bed and moved me IN the bed. I couldn’t get out of bed for a good 6 hours after that.

Connor was absolutely the hero of the day. He is the only reason I made it through those horrible contractions. He talked me through each one, held my hands, rubbed my back, anything I needed. Superhero. After Noah was born, it was Connor who took care of him, because I was definitely out of commission. Connor gave him his first bath in the nursery, swaddled him, hugged and kissed him, and made sure he knew his mommy and daddy loved him. I didn’t even change a dirty diaper until the second night of his life…not because I didn’t want to, but because of how much Connor wanted to. He loves his son so much it brings tears to my eyes.

Noah Taylor is such a gift. He really is perfect. Even at 2:30 in the morning.



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