Baby update

Today marks 25 weeks and 3 days  of pregnancy. Shoot.


It has been quite the experience.

Weeks 1-20:

I was sick constantly. I threw up every morning and dealt with nausea the majority of every day. I was exhausted and cranky. Poor Connor. :) He was so sweet to me though, no matter what. He couldn’t keep his excitement about Baby under wraps. I, however, was so moody that excitement did not jump first to my brain.  I was also irritated because I had been at the “oh, she had a bigger lunch than she should have” stage forevvvverrrr! I was ready to look pregnant! Work was exhausting and  I was always behind. These first months went very slowly…but strangely fast at the same time.

Weeks 21- 25 weeks:

THE BEST WEEKS EVER!!! I finally look pregnant. :) My morning sickness has vanished. We found out that our bundle of love is a precious BOY! The day after we found out about his masculinity, he started kicking me with a vengeance. I seriously could not have been more ecstatic. I woke Connor up at 5am one morning to feel baby boy’s mighty kicks. We both absolutely overflowed with love for the little guy. He always seems to know when I’m thinking about him (which is all the time) because as soon as I start dreaming and planning for his little arrival, he starts kicking. I love him so much already!!

We go back on March 15th for another ultrasound and CANNOT wait to see our son again!! At the last ultrasound, he gave us the cutest/biggest yawn ever! Melted my heart.


Connor and I have been praying and waiting on God for guidance on our future ever since we found out (surprise!) I was pregnant. Financially, we are not set up to live in our dream city (Colorado Springs) and raise a baby the way we want to. Our first value in life is family, and if we lived here during baby boy’s first few years, we would both need to work full time jobs and use family as our every day babysitters. That just broke my heart because all I’ve ever wanted to be is a wife and mommy.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that God really started molding our hearts and showing us his plan. We hadn’t been ready to let go of this beautiful city and state. Recently though, God has changed our perspectives. Before, the thought of moving to South Dakota, where my parents live, was so depressing, because of how much we love it here. But, we began to look closely at our values and, like I said, family came out on top every time. We began to see South Dakota as a way out of the crazy busy life we would have no choice but to live if we stayed here. There is a much greater chance that I will not have to work during our son’s first years and Connor will have a job that is not retail and does not require him to work nights and weekends. We could be a family that not only loved each other, but had time for each other!

So, Connor, baby boy, and I will be moving to South Dakota this summer. The only question is….when exactly. My teaching contract ends on May 31st. Our lease ends May 31st. Baby is due June 12. We can either move when I’m 38 weeks pregnant (Yikes.) or wait until the little buddy decides to show up and move after. There are so many variables that we can’t predict that, at this moment, it feels impossible to know when the best time to move would be. So now the focus of our prayers are, “When in the world should we move?!?!?”

The first half of my pregnancy was fairly dominated by wacky nerves and anxiety. With God’s help and guidance on our future, that is thankfully not the case with the second half.

“But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You.” Psalm 5:11


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