pf changs lettuce wraps and a new job

While my first weeks of summer vacation have been full of TV and void of productivity…relaxing, I am getting restless. Motivation is hard to come by when you aren’t required to do anything. I hate vicious cycles but have found myself tightly wound into one. I want to be exercising, cooking, making, diy’ing, cleaning, etc…but I only sit on the couch, stand in the kitchen, or take Charlie out to relieve himself. BLAH.

HOWEVER, I have had two small triumphs recently. Yesterday, I made PF Changs Lettuce Wraps! They were quite yummy. I need to tweek a few of the spices before they are perfect but then I will post the recipe. My second happy triumph is that I got hired as a first grade teacher for the school I’ve been working for this past year. AHHHHH! I feel so blessed/excited/overwhelmed/terrified. :) Yay. It’s sure to be an interesting year, that is for certain. 


Aren’t they gorgeous?! These accompanied a happy husband who surprised me one day by coming home early from work and taking me on a date. My sweet boy. 


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