beautiful saturday

Today was the beginning of Connor and I’s staycation. Spring break started yesterday for me but today we started house sitting for my aunt and uncle. Their jacuzzi and tv (did I mention that at our house we no longer have ANY channels because comcast requires some sort of digital contraptions for local channels now?!) are absolute luxuries. Our silly puppy is acting downright giddy about the doggie door he can use this week to go outside and play in the grass. Yay staycation! =)

So two weeks ago was my 23rd birthday and I wanted to make a list of all the averagely cool things I did with my 22nd year. Two weeks isn’t too late is it?

  1. Graduated from Pepperdine
  2. Moved to Colorado
  3. Got my first post-college job at an amazing school
  4. Got HITCHED! 7/9/11
  5. Had a beautiful honeymoon in Lake Tahoe
  6. Went on an incredibly windy camping trip with incredibly good friends
  7. Beringer became my favorite Β wine
  8. First condo!
  9. First sewage leak!
  10. New carpet!
  11. Made cute little framed chalkboard for our bedroom
  12. Met wonderful people who I not only enjoy working with, but socializing with =)
  13. Found our first puppy child Charlie!
  14. Thought about making a dog bed for Charlie…didn’t follow through.
  15. Thought about painting something for our walls…remembered I can’t paint
  16. Hiked 1/4 of the way up the incline, almost threw up
  17. Hiked 3/4 of the way up the incline, almost threw up
  18. Determined to hike ALL the way up…someday…without throwing up
  19. Had so much fun giving out candy at our first married Halloween
  20. Missed my college friends
  21. Cried
  22. Chaperoned a couple middle school dances
  23. Laughed
  24. Loved and was loved

Dear 23rd year,

I hope you hold joy,challenge, and growth. I hope you hold wonder.


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