Family of three

Meet Charlie. The newest, most adorable member of our family. He is a 10 week old rescue puppy.

After wanting a puppy for months, Connor and I happened upon this website: on Friday night. Their puppies were adorable, affordable, and adoptable!  They had a ton of  puppies but Charlie was clearly the cutest. They think he is a great dane/mastiff mix with a little greater swiss mountain dog in him. Whatever he is, he’s big and irresistible. We were ecstatic to find out that he would be going up for adoption the next day at Petco in Denver! Turns out, this resuce group works on a first come, first served basis. So Connor and I woke up at 6:30 and sped went the speed limit up to Denver. When we got there at 8:20ish (Petco opens at 9) there were already three people standing in line! The adoption wasn’t even going to happen until 11! I had thought leaving as early as we did was overdoing it, but clearly, it wasn’t since about 10 more people showed up right after us. Luckily, we were the first one’s there who wanted to see Charlie. =)

When we finally got to play with him in a little puppy pen, we knew right away that he needed to be a member of our family. Shy and cuddly, this little guy is here to stay.

Also, I am extremely proud to say that he slept all the way through the night just curled up at our feet last night! No accidents. =) Go Charlie!


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