The reason

The reason I have not posted in ages is because I have sadly, sadly lost my camera cord that lets me download pictures!!! So I have all these pictures of our honeymoon/thanksgiving/I-don’t-know-what-all locked on my camera and I’m depressed about it. harumph.

But a blogger must blog on.

(Yes, that is as witty and epic as it sounds…you may quote me)

I have been so tired lately. The last three or so weeks at school have been totally draining – I still adore the people and atmosphere – but I guess the daily grind is getting to me. Connor and I went to bed at the glorious hour of 8pm Saturday night. I couldn’t have been more overjoyed. =) Especially since we spent from 7am to 6:30pm at a Forensics meet. It was obscenely long. But my wonderful, loving, adorable husband (who is currently filling our little home with his voice and the piano, adding to my joy) volunteered to serve as a judge for the day. =) He, having been to one other Forensics meet and watching my fantastically talented little sister, did an amazing job. I would have gone insane without him that day. 8th graders are handful enough M-F…but to have 6th, 7th, and 8th graders running crazy in a different school on a Saturday past dinner time…well, that is most certainly a different animal. When the day was over though, I was very proud of our kids, who took home a first place trophy and quite a few medals.

Connor is currently working for (drrrrummm rolll) Focus on the Family. And he LOVES it. =) God is a prayer-answerer people. No question about it. Even though we are the epitome of newly married and broke…we have a never-ending spring of hope. Knock and the door will be opened, seek and ye will find. =)


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