teacher for a day

I actually got to teach today! Stood up in front of a class and made them listen to everything I had to say [evil cackle]! My two favorite moments of today:

1) During our discussion of character development, I asked the class how they had shown respect to their parents that morning. One pleased-with-himself boy said “I woke up.” Another boy, a very serious and concerned one, responded with, “Well…I woke my Mom up.” (It was funny in class anyway…)

2) At the end of the second class an eager hand was raised. Mr. I’m-in-Eighth-Grade-and-I-know-what’s-up asked me if I was related to anyone at the school. I told him I had a cousin who was in high school (she’s gorgeous so all the boys started paying more attention to me after that fact came out. Yessss.) and he jumped in with the obvious follow-up assertion: “So you’re like nineteen then.” I told him not to worry about it because I was “like twenty-eight or something.”

I love my job so much. I love working in a school environment and being around middle schoolers all day. No sarcasm, I promise. Last week, I had one of my ultimate career dreams come true. I get to help coach to the junior high forensics team!! ….Which, apparently, is not a science lab….like I thought at first. It’s exactly the same as the oral interp. program I participated in during high school. I always, always wanted to try being on the coaching end of performances. I feelΒ  like God hand-wrapped this blessing and laid it on my welcome mat. I could not be more thankful.

I always had the best times at oral interp meets. =)


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