Mr. and Mrs. Boyce  have returned! After a storybook wedding, perfect honeymoon, and God-filled week at church camp, the newlyweds find themselves happily back in their Colorado home. Today, we’ve been married for 50 days. =) Marriage is such a blessing.

Our life in Colorado is fairly simple at the moment. Beautifully simple. Soon after arriving, I started my job as an English aide for 8th graders (which I LOVE, btw) and Connor went back to work as a car detailer. Generally, I get up at 5:40am (Which, yes,  is insanely early for me…I know you are feeling so sorry for me right now – but cast off your worry, because I pop out of bed with a sparkle in my eye and jump in my step!  NOT. ) shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, MAKE DELICIOUS COFFEE ON MY BEAUTIFUL KEURIG COFFEE THINGY, and float off to work. Lately, since we get paid on Wednesday (joy and rapture) and one of our cars ran out of gas( heh),  Connor and I have enjoyed carpooling to work. We get off around 4 in the afternoon, just in time for an awesome afternoon thunderstorm. =) For dinner we either eat Top Ramen…or go to Kristi and Rob’s/ Julie and Eric’s and eat very, very well.  Last night, courtesy of Rob’s grill and Kristi’s oven, we had steak, grilled veggies, and SPICE CAKE! delectable.

I just realized church is in 30 minutes and I haven’t showered yet and Connor is playing Zelda the Warrior princess…Time to get a move on Boyce household!


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