Week 1

I have lived in Colorado Springs for one week today. Wow!!! I have been blessed with the presence of family, the beautiful mountains… and the most amazing, God-written love story that I never could have fabricated for myself. I’m living in my uncle and aunt’s basement and loving being around my cousins. Connor is living in our soon-to-be first home! Connor works hard during the day at car detailing and I spend the days running errands or fussing over non-important wedding details. When Connor is done with work for the day we skype. JUST KIDDING!!!!!! We walk around our condo together, holding hands, and dream about the coming months. God is SO GOOD! I absolutely love the condo. It is SO perfect for a first home. SO PERFECT!

We currently have 2 beautiful non stick frying pans and an AWESOME 18 piece pyrex set. Love it.

During my first week in Colorado Springs, I have watched Kira and Jacob graduate from 8th grade (all my pictures were blurry for both occasions),

eaten pizza on the floor of our condo while watching Despicable Me (Yes, we used towels as backrests),

gone thrift store decoration shopping and put time into making that condo a home,

cheered on the Sky Sox baseball team,

ohhhh and GOT A JOB!!!! A couple of months ago my aunt Julie kept encouraging me to apply to the charter school her kids go to, and I kept avoiding it because I felt like I was so under-qualified to work in the English department of an awesome school. But I submitted an application for an English Aide position anyways and they contacted me this Monday, asking if I’d like to interview. So the next day I left 30 minutes early, took the wrong exit/wrong street/wrong everything, skidded into the parking lot, hair askew from the, yep, rolled down window and showed up at 10am sharp. I immediately loved the place. The lady who interviewed me was precise, concise, and direct. About 20 minutes after walking in, she shook my hand and offered me the job. With so much joy and thankfulness, I accepted. I start August 1st, which is absolutely perfect because Connor and I get back from our Wedding extravaganza on July 27th!! God could not have done a more perfect thing.

The most most most important thing I have learned this past week is that God prevails. I want him to ALWAYS prevail in my life. And that Love, as God intended it, is absolutely mind-blowing. It is nothing short of what I would consider magic.


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