Tornados and Weddings!

My Mother watches only two TV channels. The NBA backstage pass channel…whatever that is…and The Weather Channel.  She is so into basketball it’s ridiculous. The other day, I was in Wal-mart looking for a wedding unity candle while she ran around the men’s clothing section looking for a somebody-whos-it jersey that she’s currently obsessed with. I’m getting her face paint for her birthday. It’s the only step she hasn’t taken yet.

When she’s not backseat coaching the Suns, she’s watching the the weather channel. She loves it, unless we’re the stars of the show. Tonight, with crazy 70 mph winds, hail, and tornadic activity we were definitely the stars of the TWC. It was a crazy night! At around 5pm the sky started shutting down and the wind started whirling around. I was standing in our front yard watching the action when my aunt and cousin showed up and ran past me into our basement to take cover. I followed. Thank God for TWC and gigantic confusing battery-less storm radios! We were in the basement listening to the booming outside until about 9pm. Then Hannah and I watched Pride and Prejudice. =) Sister time! Now I am laying in bed and kicking myself for being such a bad blogger the past two weeks! Faithful followers, please forgive me for the neglect! =P

Before the craziness of tonight I had a wonderful time with my parents, gathering up my loose ends around the house and packing (I leave for Colorado on Wednesday!!). I love my parents. They are so incredible.

Lets see…to update everyone…I am moving to Colorado Springs on Wednesday to live in my aunts basement for a few weeks. Also on Wednesday, Connor is moving into the condo that will be our home post-wedding. My parents have supplied us with plates, bowls, a desk, blankets, and other awesome stuff! Aaand that’s all we have. I’m realizing more and more that Connor and I have NOTHINGGG, as far as material possesions go, but that we have an amazing support system and will always have someone to turn too. Family is so important. (Oh, AND – my parents are lending one of their cars to Connor and I since Connor’s broke down! Incredible.)

I still don’t have job but I’m praying and giving it up to God everyday. It’s not easy to trust that God has a plan, especially when I feel so overwhelmed and under-informed, but I know it’s true. Connor keeps reminding me of that. =)

Earlier this month I went to my dear friend Kate’s wedding. It was such a blast! Kate and Travis- I am SO happy for you!! My favorite moment of the wedding was  definitely their first dance. It was so sweet and genuine and I felt so privileged to be able to share that moment with them.

My favorite part of the whole trip was the night before the wedding when Kate, Casey and I (3 brides-in-waiting) met up and went to Ihop for some decaf coffee and bonding time. I love them both so much and hold their friendship close to my heart. They are incredible people and whoever God puts in their lives during this next phase of life had BETTER appreciate them!

Next up in the wedding line-up: Casey Joy and John Mark! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! And, thanks to an incredible – INCREDIBLE gift from the bride and groom – of which I do not understand nor do we deserve, Connor will be able to attend this wedding with me! Going to Kate’s wedding without him was tough and I didn’t know if I could go to a wedding without him again…so this gift is such a blessing.I love my friends.

So now. I’m going to bed. I have a fullll day tomorrow. =)


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