a barn burner special day

Hannah had a track meet in Lake Andes (population 800) and it was so wonderful because the South Dakota sun decided to show up. =) Hannah now has a sunburn while I have a golden tan (although she might say otherwise, but it’s my blog so I can say what I want.) She did Awesome!! It was so fun watching her run.

I’m so excited for her meet on Monday – she’s going to pole vault! I’ll be sure to put some pictures of that up. =) I’m so proud of her!

During a break in the races, I drove my Dad to go get a gas station push-button cappucino. Driving down main street, we came across a cozy little vacation place you may be interested in:

Camping on empty lots in the middle of town and this bulletin board are two of the reasons I love South Dakota so much:

No where else would it be effective and commonplace for a grocery store to advertise a sale on Coke as a “barnburnerspecial.” Although I’m not entirely sure why it would be a good thing to burn a barn…in the spirit of the saying: I feel like today was a burn burning kind of day. =)

After the track meet, my parents and Hannah and I drove an hour to the next big town to celebrate Mother’s day(we’re celebrating today because tomorrow my Mother would like to stay home and grill- yum!). Yankton (population 15,000) is the closest town to us that has both Wal-mart AND mexican food. Awesome sauce. So for lunch, I had an amazing avocado tostada that I very much want to make myself one day and my weight in chips and salsa. After our delicious meal, my sister, mother and I sat on the curb outside and soaked up even more sun and got into the “who’s darker” argument. If this isn’t common place in your family..well…then…that’s probably normal. In our family, I am consistently the most tan person during the summer. My sister and mother, who think they have a more olive-natural-tan complexion, like to try to bring me down off my blue-ribbon pedestal. Unfortunately my bubble is popped every year when they are indeed ALWAYS darker than me. So frustrating. They lost. Obviously.


Connor and my aunt Julie went and looked at a condo today. It seemed at first to be just out of our price range and I was so bummed because it looks absolutely perfect! It’s close to Connor’s work and both Kristi and Julie’s houses. It has 2 bedrooms, a dining room, big kitchen and pool access. Turns out, the “just out of our budget” price included utilities, which brought the condo’s price just in range! It would be such a blessing to be able to move into a neighborhood right away instead of an apartment complex. There is such a difference in coming home to a house and coming home to an apartment. I would love a home. But ultimately, I will be happy wherever we end up. God is faithful. 1 Corinthians 1:9 <3


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