Errand girl

Today I  jumped back into life at home. Since my dad is in a neck brace from his surgery (which went wonderfully, by the way! did I forget to mention that before?) and can’t drive for a few more weeks, I am his designated driver/errand runner. I was given a list this morning (which I am still in the process of completing – in case you were wondering, dad) and told to hop to it. Already this morning I have gone to the post office to pick up our mail and post some other letters, did some grocery shopping, dropped one of our cars off at the shop, walked home, and…okay, well I guess that’s it. But that was all before my first cup of coffee/breakfast! Slave drivers! I have a college degree people! Watch out.

But now I’m into the good parts of the list.

First: Put another stamp on the 87 wedding invitations that came back because they were .3 ounces over the limit.

Second: Make a gazillion cookies for the kids at church tonight.

Third: Bring our griddle to church at 4 and make grilled cheeses for a few hours.

Annnd there’s some other stuff on there but…I’m pretty sure these things alone will keep me busy from now until I hopefully get to talk to Connor tonight! He got a terrible, terrible sunburn at graduation and couldn’t go to work yesterday because of it, although he’s there today. Hopefully, the aloe vera has helped! I’ll post the cookie recipe I use and some pictures later today! =)


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