4 debatably productive hours

I am so very proud of myself. I have just spent the last 4 hours filling out job applications. =) I applied to two positions with Focus on the Family at their headquarters in Colorado Springs.

I applied for the Guest Relations Representative position where one of the application questions was “Finish this sentence: Thinking about giving a tour to a group of 100 people makes me...pee my pants? HAH. One things for sure, I will know that script backwards and frontwards if I get that job. I gave tours of a dam (Yes. I was a dam tour guide.) last summer but the most intimidating group I had was 30 kindergartners..although come to think of it, if I can handle leading a group of question-frantic children who always touch only the wrong things, I can probably handle 100 adults. Well. Yeah, maybe.

The other one was the Administrative Assistant 3-Ministry Strategy position. And yes, the application was as exhaustive as the title. I spent 30 minutes 2 hours taking grammar tests. The directions were something like “go as fast as you can through this forest of incredibly incorrectly structured sentences and misspelled words and fix ‘um or you DIE!”  It wasn’t that bad (considering I’m an English major it better not be that bad) except I have no idea how I did! At the end of the four-part timed test, all I got was a “Good job! Thank you for applying! We’ll be in touch.” Hm. Unsatisfactory, Focus on the Family! Unsatisfactory.  I hope that when they call me to beg for  my services as a master grammatician they will tell me my score (which will undoubtedly be perfect).

I also finished an application to be a high school English Aide. Which I think would be extremely fun and rewarding…but for some reason this is the one I get most nervous about. I think I have an authority complex. I do not like the idea  of standing in front of a classroom of teenagers and attempting to teach them something. Bleh.

Today I got a call from my Dad and found out that he has to go into surgery tomorrow because of a complication with the nerves in his spinal cord. He is in really good hands but I am nonetheless concerned. Please pray for him and the doctors tomorrow?

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