eat cake!

I do not like store bought cake. I do NOT.

Which is maybe a shame because they’re so convenient. However, this year I have developed an obsession with food blogs and concurrently, a love for homemade cakes. And while I have loved living on campus this year, with the wonderful company and convenience, my the-BEST-things-about-marriage-will-be list goes as follows:

1) Having an incredibly loving husband with a knee-buckling grin

2)My very own kitchen

3)An egyptian-cottoned, many-pillowed, lush comforter-clad, sink-with-bliss-into-it KING bed (j/k, I totally don’t need “many” pillows. 4 works.)

I can’t wait to have my own kitchen to cook and bake in!! First semester I spent a lot of time experimenting with my baking ability and, surprisingly, did not burn or kill anything/anyone! Sadly, I have not cooked/baked at all second semester. Partly because we don’t have an electric mixer, and partly because my thesis ate my brain power for extra-curricular activities. But I’ve spent the weekend looking at and thinking about this cake from…later this week (Tuesday?) I want to make it. I’ll post pictures. =)

Connor is now safe in Colorado and loving his new abode. He spent the weekend acquainting himself with his surroundings and shooting air soft guns with my nine year old cousin. Tomorrow is his first day of work at Eric’s shop! He’ll be getting up at 6:30am (yum) and probably won’t be home until 6:30pm. I’m going to be so fidgety all day waiting to hear from him! Normally, Monday nights are our date nights because I work as an operator until 12am and NO ONE calls a college after 6pm unless they’re from a different country or need campus security. So we skype and watch movies and play games. Tomorrow night will be interesting with this new set up. Connor doesn’t have his own computer but the Renfro’s have one in their living room that they are letting him use.  He got on skype tonight for the first time since he’s been there and it made my heart so happy to see his face. I love skype (also hate it, but tonight I love it).

I can’t wait to have this all the time:


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