Ay, caramba!

Graduation is in 16 days. I have too:

1) Finish the whiny thesis that is always demanding my attention. For all the time I’ve spent looking at my computer screen in the library, researching, and rewriting this paper owes it to me to be finished. But, ohh no. It will be doing me no favors. So, my goal is to have all the organizational, blah-de-blahs done with by Friday night and to spend the weekend doing intense proofreading.

2) Get moving on my AWESOME paper about why we needΒ  a better family leave plan in the United States. I haven’t started that one yet, but I’m meeting with my professor in an hour to talk about my progress. Yum.

So that will be brilliantly fun…in other news…Connor and I had a minor set back with Colorado-moving plans. He has been so stoked to jump in his car and have a good old fashioned, cramped, miserable, back breaking, butt flattening road trip (just kidding Dad, road trips are cool!). However, when he took his car into the shop to get everything tuned up he got the news you never want to get. His transmission was over it — done with the whole “trying” phase and kickin’ back into the “I do what I want” phase. And, as I may have mentioned before, we don’t have that much money (yet.) so his car cannot be fixed before he was supposed to leave on Saturday. But God is so good and He literally always comes through for us and this time, it was in the form of a plane ticket. So Connor IS going to Colorado Springs this weekend and he IS going to start his new job on Monday!! While he’s out in Colorado he’ll be living with some of my family for awhile and getting an idea where the safe and good apartments are for when we both move out there in August. We are both sooo excited for this next phase in our life! Only 86 more days!!!

Now. ONWARD THESIS BEAST! I will defeat you yet!


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