Birthdays and Thesis’

This last weekend was so wonderful. Saturday was Casey (my beautiful roommate) Joy’s birthday! For a fabulous birthday surprise, Kate and I woke up early(ish) and decorated the apartment with streamers and balloon. We also got her a sensational starbucks iced cocoa cappucino!! They are so incredibly good. (Side note: I got my first one a couple weeks ago on one of those I-deserve-something-glittery-and-fabulous-right-now! moments. Just half of that drink was exactly the glitter and the fab I needed. So delish.) When the birthday girl woke up and walked out of her bedroom door she was attacked by free-spirited streamers swirling in her face. hehe. A happy and shocked birthday girl. =)

By the time Casey woke up it was around 11, so the three of us hurried to breakfast at Cocos — which I had never eaten at before but WOAH was it GOOD! I had potato pancakes. Um. Amazing! With full stomachs we traipsed off to the mall and spent the majority of our day in Nordstrom Rack (super sale.)Β  After returning from our delightful spending spree Casey, her wonderful fiance John, and I went to see the closing show of Romeo and Juliet. We have some INCREDIBLE actors at our university. Seriously.Overall, it was an amazing day that is making me smile 2 days later. Graduation is coming quick (19 DAYS?!), and I am soaking up all the time I have with my precious friends like my skin savors sunlight in the beginning of summer.

Note:I realize this is an incredibly up-beat post…and while I will first credit my positivity to the comfort of days with friends, please also take into the account that I just finished an AWESOME full draft of my OVERBEARING, HAPPINESS-SUCKING, NEEDY, WHINY thesis paper. So, please, humor my joy.)

I’m super duper excited because I FINALLY found a cake that I think is adorable and not cheesy! The decorations on wedding cakes all seem…overdone or unnecessary to me. This one is simple with beautiful and aesthetically pleasing lines. (Oh my word, is that so nerdy? “aesthetically pleasing lines”?!?!?!)Β  Anyway, I love it. =)

image via

Pretty, yes?!


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